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The upcoming RSNA 2020 will again highlight the role of a radiologist, as becoming ever more central to healthcare. But that comes at a cost and many radiology departments are overloaded with work. Demand for fast imaging results and 24/7 availability are also consistently increasing. Being able to share the workload and collaborate easily with colleagues inside and beyond the hospital walls has become crucial to sustain the quality of care delivery and patient and staff satisfaction.

HealthManagement recently spoke to Johan Hendrickx, Agfa HealthCare’s specialist at supporting health organizations setting up shared workflows with Enterprise Imaging.

Key Points of Share Workflows

  • Shared workflow refers to the possibility of organizing the acquisition of images and their reporting across different sites.
  • A shared workflow solution includes access to the entire medical imaging record and reports. 
  • A shared workflow allows radiologists at different sites and facilities to receive reading tasks based on their expertise.
  • A shared workflow is an efficient way to organize the available resources available within a region.

“The biggest advantage of a shared workflow is the ease with which you can create and share tasks. Enterprise Imaging is the backend solution, no data is moved around, you have full control of the workload, even when it’s made accessible remotely. It allows you to become more efficient as an organisation.

“Shared workflow also increases the flexibility for patients to go into the local hospital, have their images or study acquired there, and benefit from the knowledge and the specialisation over the entire region. After all, this is why we do this – to provide better patient care.

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More on Shared Workflow and Enterprise Imaging
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Every Image. Anywhere. 
Learn from the Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative experience. 8 Yorkshire region NHS trusts have deployed shared workflows using the XERO Exchange Network to provide integrated clinical imaging and deliver better, more efficient care.

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Together with colleague-experts in Enterprise Imaging, Johan Hendrickx is available and looking forward to meet you virtually on the digital platforms the all-virtual RSNA 2020 is offering.

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