Enterprise Imaging VNA

All your images, from everywhere across your enterprise, on one, unified platform

No more information silos! Consolidate and manage all your imaging data, from multiple systems, departments, facilities and vendors, in a single, central archive.

Take control of your costs

Simplify your image data management and consolidate even your most isolated data, while reducing your storage, archiving and back-up costs.

Smooth the way to cross-regional care

Provide a standards-based and modular imaging data solution that answers the needs of a regional health system.

Unite all your departments in a single clinical IT landscape

Enrich your VNA with diagnostic and departmental capabilities that reach beyond the ‘traditional’ image-based radiology and cardiology, to include multimedia content from other specialties and drive the imaging workflows of all departments.

Empower collaboration at the point of care

When you combine your VNA with the XERO Universal Viewer, you give care providers access to all the multimedia information they need at the point of care.

Test "Truly scalable
and vendor neutral."
Agfa HealthCare's Enterprise Imaging VNA works and has been trouble free. Selected commentary collected about Agfa HealthCare
from KLAS Latin America PACS 2021 Performance Report.
January 2021 – © 2021 KLAS.
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XERO Universal Viewer

Enable borderless care team collaboration.

XERO Universal Viewer provides secure patient-centric access to imaging data from different departments and multiple sources, in one view, to anyone who needs it.

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