“That’s life in flow” – Enterprise Imaging innovations supporting Clinicians, IT Managers and Healthcare Leadership to stay in Flow.

Agfa HealthCare makes another step forward with it’s pioneering Enterprise Imaging platform. Enterprise Imaging platform is a scalable solution that grows with you, while its rich features and functionalities offer applied, proven and durable answers to your imaging management needs.

It simplifies your imaging IT by converging your medical image management. At the same time, the customizable, modular workflows allow clinicians to stay focused on what’s most important: patient diagnosis and treatment. Enterprise Imaging supports “life in flow” which leads to more satisfied hospital staff, empowered patients, enhanced productivity, and greater value for the healthcare enterprise.

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Enterprise Imaging innovations supporting Clinicians

Discover Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2 Innovations

Precision Reporting

Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

Guided report creation helps radiologists create clear, consistent reports, improving report quality and supports clear, efficient communication between radiologists and clinicians.

Contains pre-defined report templates based on ACR BI-RADS® and ACR PI-RADS®, as well as OB-GYN module for fetal reporting and data system. Learn more.

XERO Workflow for Clinicians

Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

Enriches clinical activities by putting images and reports at the clinician’s fingertips in a way that matches their specific workflow needs, and by allowing them to monitor the status of requested exams. Clinicians have the information they need to make decisions more quickly, and to ensure timely treatment requirements are met. Discover more.

XERO Workflow for Cardiology

Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

Enterprise Imaging’s web technology facilitates a true ‘anywhere/anytime’ workflow, enabling cardiologists to do their work wherever and whenever they need to, via an internet connection.

Whether in the hospital or at home, they can produce, interpret, collaborate on, and make quality decisions around images, with the same depth of workflow, from any computer or mobile device.

Mobile structured cardiology reporting , Mobile structured ECG reporting

Shared Reading Workflow

Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

Any radiologist in your health network can report on studies produced from any hospital in the network, with each location keeping its own, separate Enterprise Imaging system.

Benefit from cost optimization across the health network, faster report turnaround 24/7, a better balance of radiologist workloads and expertise across multiple sites and more. Discover

Enterprise Imaging Business Intelligence visualization

Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

Simplified creation of custom BI reports and a smart set of pre-defined reports and analysis lets you better understand KPIs. Read more.


Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

By adding augmented intelligence (AI) algorithms for lesion detection into the radiologist’s workflow, RUBEE™ for AI helps significantly reduce report turnaround time. Specialty packages include AI-based decision support for breast and lung exams. Discover benefits.

Advanced Teach and Research

Enterprise Imaging innovations

Enhance your diagnostic confidence and quality with the easy creation and curating of reference exams for teaching and research. Discover.

Multimedia Gateway

Enterprise Imaging innovations

Radiologists and clinicians have a more comprehensive view of the patient, as images and videos from departments with non-standardized image sources become part of the patient’s imaging history. Read more.

Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

Enterprise Imaging innovations

Enterprise Imaging Point-of-Care Ultrasound enables on-the-fly capture and reporting as well as encounter-based, multi-procedural acquisition and reading workflows. Learn more

Molecular Imaging

Radiologists and clinicians throughout the hospital can more easily follow up on patient care for oncology and other pathologies. Embedded PET, SPECT, CT and MR hybrid imaging and fusion tools, as well as easy access to all other imaging studies, delivers a fast and streamlined workflow in a unified reporting environment. Discover

Cloud-ready Enterprise Imaging VNA and XERO Universal Viewer

Enterprise Imaging innovations

Deploying Enterprise Imaging VNA and XERO Universal Viewer in your Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud enables you to outsource management of your infrastructure-related data protection and security, and keep your scalability elastic. Read more.

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Improved User Experience for Radiologists & Clinicians

Enhancements delivered by Enterprise Imaging 8.2 platform have been carefully designed to make modern technologies feel like an extension of the clinicians’ thought process, with no distractions. Radiologists can create reports that deliver more value, while enhanced functions and diagnostic toolsets help clinicians stay focused on what matters most: diagnosis and treatment of patients. That’s life in flow.


  • New study stamp design and color markers
  • Improved automatic series linking
  • Series label for hanging protocols
  • Task priority
  • Favorite searches
  • Personal lists


  • New study stamp design and color markers
  • 3rd party application integration in XERO
  • New tools in XERO Xtend:
    • Hanging protocol gallery
    • Customizable display of mammography images
    • Manual spine labeling

Simplicity, configurability and reliability for IT Managers and System Administrators

Enterprise Imaging 8.2 platform further reduces IT complexity and enables you to bring your image management into harmony. With a focus on configurability, platform performance and reliability, and ‘security at the core’, you can increase the order and value of systems across the enterprise.

System administration and configurability in Enterprise Imaging 8.2 platform

  • Improved data migration from multiple Agfa HealthCare IMPAX PACS
  • New suggestions algorithm
  • Management and identification of key patient ID issuers in multi-domain environments

Platform Efficiency

  • Updated to the latest version of Linux for Database Server and Web Server
  • Core Server and Web Server now supported on the latest version of JBoss (7.x)
  • Support for running Oracle 19c database on an Oracle Database Appliance with Oracle Data Guard to provide higher levels of system availability
  • Support for higher study volumes (<500k exams/year) at remote facilities by balancing traffic over multiple Proxy Server nodes
  • File location notification to maintain business continuity when the Enterprise Imaging VNA is not available
  • Improved webhook actions to inform other applications about events in Enterprise Imaging

Cybersecurity Transparent Leader

Klas award

In 2022, Agfa HealthCare became one of the first companies to be named Cybersecurity Transparent Leader by KLAS Research and Censinet. This award recognizes our company’s willingness to share and continually improve overall cybersecurity maturity, and our commitment to supporting customers in the delivery of safe and secure patient care.

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