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Like every year we are looking forward to RSNA. Although we would have loved to meet in person in Chicago, our experts are getting ready and have freed up their schedule. To discuss your Enterprise Imaging project, to advance radiology efficiency in your health organisation.

We invite you to explore the Virtual Enterprise Imaging Journey (coming soon) and secure your timeslot with one of our experts or leaders today.

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“I would say we’ve had about a 15% improvement in efficiency overall—and a 30% improvement among our power users—using Agfa over our previous PACS.”

Entering a new era. Elevating Imaging’s value with Enterprise Imaging. For Texas University Health System, the move to a unified Enterprise Imaging approach, resulted in operational efficiencies and economies of scale.
Read the full interview with Dr. Kal Clark here. 

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A New Era of Efficiency

At RSNA 2020 All Virtual Meeting participants can discover how Agfa HealthCare’s unified Enterprise Imaging platform is entering a new era in productivity, collaboration, learning and teleworking, by supporting radiologists to lead the way as experts in quality care delivery utilizing medical imaging and image sharing.

Through webinars, expert sessions and online 1-on-1 demonstrations, Agfa HealthCare is also offering visitors ‘live’ contact with its experts on a variety of topics.

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Augmented Intelligence Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging

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The Enterprise Imaging for Radiology Journey

Explore the Enterprise Imaging Journey and enter a new era of radiology leadership. Bring your health organization to new levels of radiology clinical efficiency.

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Entering a new era
of Enterprise Imaging

The Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform is a breakthrough technology to catalyze care delivery transformation by providing clinicians with on-demand access of patient-centric image information to support collaboration and diagnostic confidence.

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Efficient tools at my fingertips
with consistent workflows

The future of medical imaging will be almost completely value-based and information-driven. A unified radiology platform will optimize efficiency and resources. Enterprise Imaging for Radiology is transforming patient care across the globe with consistently optimized radiology workflows.

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Secure, universal access,
on premise and mobile

Enable borderless care team collaboration and anywhere, anytime any place access to the comprehensive patient imaging record.

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Elevate imaging’s value
throughout the health system

Radiologists should take the lead as health organizations embark on their Enterprise Imaging journey. And by consequence take up a more value-added role in the clinical process, for the sake of the patient.

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Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging

Augment clinical decision-making,
with innovative tools

An Enterprise Imaging strategy will enable health systems to go from an AI hype to the actual application of AI in Radiology, helping to improve clinical productivity and confidence.

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Transition to Enterprise Imaging

Assure extended, quality
coverage local or remote

Leave no image behind. The Enterprise Imaging Platform allows you to streamline clinical acquisition workflows for different specialties. And through a federated image network it supports collaboration with non-affiliated organizations.

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