AGFA’s technologically sophisticated platform enables healthcare systems to work effectively across geographies for optimal continuum of care.

From interpreting cardiology scans of a skier felled in Utah, to a remote surgical consultation in Chicago, to follow-up care in London, every minute of a Radiologist’s and Cardiologist’s – and a patient’s – time can be critical. AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging (AGFA El™) innovations speed confident care by providing easy access to the comprehensive patient imaging record.

AGFA El Leads to Networked Health Care

  • Empowers rapid growth initiatives, improves physician knowledge and enhances care delivery through a multi-entity shared community health imaging record, an AGFA Imaging Health Network™ (IHN), where no study, regardless of use or location, is no more than seconds away.
  • Expands service geography, stops moving data, and scales easily by utilizing modern zero-footprint, web-streaming technology with Streaming Client.
  • Maximizes efficiency and capacity for busy Radiologists, creates fairness, and breaks silos of clinical expertise by intelligently distributing work across all diagnosticians, enterprise wide, with built-in Workflow Orchestration.
AGFA El Leads to Networked Health Care

Together, with cloud-based software modules, Streaming and Workflow Orchestrations, provides your health system with the AGFA El Platform and an Imaging Health NetworkTM, an aggregated community health record, which can be seen and read across geographically distributed users and affiliated healthcare organizations. With the Workflow Orchestration module, the IHN provides access and smart distribution of studies, regardless of where the study was produced.

Patients Benefit from the Imaging Health Network™

  • The IHN breaks silos and creates genuine enterprise imaging across the diverse landscape of providers because each contributing provider publishes its portion of the patient journey to the IHN. At each referral, your informed physicians gain real-time access to the patient’s entire cross­ provider imaging record.
  • Patients want the best Radiologist reading their studies, not “Just the local radiologist who happens to be at this facility today.” By using the advanced AGFA El Orchestration engine across the entirety of the network, your practice matches the specific study with the most appropriate Radiologist based on skill and availability.
AGFA El Leads to Networked Health Care

Imaging Health Network Enables Physician Flow and Efficiency

When physicians access the AGFA El Imaging Health NetworkTM, three flow-producing characteristics are immediately realized:

  • The contextual patient imaging record, including contributions by affiliated organizations, is quickly and directly accessible within the EHR
  • Imaging display is delightfully fast, without calling anyone or waiting for uploads.
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration is only a couple of clicks away, working cross-organizationally, and on any device.

Streaming Radiology Client and Workflow Orchestrator are Works in Progress.

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