All your images in a single platform, enterprise-wide.

Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform is a breakthrough technology designed to put you in control of costs and personnel to catalyze care delivery transformation by providing clinicians with on-demand access of patient-centric image information to support collaboration and diagnostic confidence.

With a single, comprehensive patient imaging record across the entire enterprise, image acquisition and retrieval are fast and easy, while system efficiency and performance are optimized. Helping to support your patient care and safety goals, and the Enterprise Imaging platform also allows true collaboration across specialties, departments, hospitals and even regions.

Growing and thriving in a complex healthcare market

Meet the dual challenges of increased growth and reduced complexity, with a converged imaging platform that supports your health network’s organic and external growth.
Enterprise Imaging seamlessly and scalably fits your image management needs, whatever your size and resources, and will continue to do so as those needs evolve. Standards-based integration capabilities support excellencent interoperability with external health IT systems.

Enterprise Imaging Platform

“We decided to “go all in” on Enterprise imaging. Our vision is to make all care, for all patients, accessible from anywhere. Both for EMR data, as well as all imaging.”

RJ Merck,
Radiology IT Supervisor
Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

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“Agfa customers have consistently high outcomes.”

“The Enterprise Imaging platform is scalable across service lines and capable of handling large volumes.”

Selected commentary collected about Agfa HealthCare, KLAS® Enterprise Imaging 2019, © 2019 KLAS.

Reduce total cost of ownership, while maximizing the impact of your IT resources.
The single, converged infrastructure means fewer databases, operating systems, maintenance contracts and systems to interface, with lower system administration costs.
You also decrease cooling and heating consumption, and your environmental impact!

Support your business continuity, reduce risks and enable your long-term strategy, with a pre-engineered solution architecture that integrates industry standards. With Enterprise Imaging’s end-to-end platform design, you get the system resilience, serviceability, scalability and connectivity to meet your current and future image data management needs.

Control your images, while offering excellent ease of accessibility.
You have one administrative backend for everything; security and data privacy are centralized. Continuous system monitoring proactively detects incidents before they occur, to help keep your system up and running, and your users happy.

Make the most of your EHR, empowering it to provide universal access to multimedia and images.
Enterprise Imaging and XERO Universal Viewer can be seamlessly integrated in the EHR, to enrich clinical information in the context of the patient’s health record. Greater context for images and text enables your care professionals to make more informed diagnoses and treatment decisions, for more efficient patient care.

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