Transform patient care with Enterprise Imaging for Radiology
A consolidated platform supporting productivity, collaboration and mobility

Within the field of medical imaging, productivity and collaboration are of the utmost importance. Enterprise Imaging offers PACS, advanced image processing and reporting, clinical applications, teleworking and collaboration tools, analytics and more. All in a single, sophisticated platform.

Combined with its powerful workflow engine and intuitive use, it helps you maximize productivity for radiology and beyond, while keeping IT costs low. By upgrading the PACS of your radiology department and the rest of your hospital, you improve your way of working, which supports better patient care delivery.

Precision Reporting in Enterprise Imaging
Structured reporting that supports clear communication and enhances diagnostic decision-making.


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Reporting is both a critical and time-consuming part of the imaging workflow. The report has to provide clear, meaningful diagnostic information to the reader – the clinician or referring physician. It also must be available quickly – which means report creation has to be smooth and efficient for the diagnostician.

The Precision Reporting module ticks all the boxes. Fully integrated in your Enterprise Imaging platform, it combines customization with automation, to support increased productivity and enhanced physician satisfaction.

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Enterprise Imaging Rewards Users with Greater Productivity and Clinical Efficiency

Frost & Sullivan investigated what prompts providers to transition from a traditional PACS to an Enterprise Imaging platform.

Learn from your peers and discover insights on :
1. The Imperative for Enterprise Imaging in a Single Platform
2. The benefits of a Rules-Based Workflow
3. The Importance of Communication and Collaboration
4. Real-world Results from the Move to Enterprise Imaging

Enterprise Imaging Rewards Users with Greater Productivity and Clinical Efficiency

“AGFA HealthCare has established themselves as a strong option for Enterprise Imaging.”

“Customers describe the VNA and Viewer as easy to use, reliable and well integrated”

klas Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging

Selected commentary collected about AGFA HealthCare, KLAS® Enterprise Imaging 2021, ©2021 KLAS. Visit for a complete view.

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Agfa HealthCare PACS

for Radiology

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Key features and benefits

The smart way to improve productivity

  • Everything the radiologist needs to work productively and minimize repetitive tasks is available on one workstation.
  • The single database supports the data consistency needed for interpretation, while customizable hanging protocols present the studies and images in a consistent way, regardless of modality or location.
  • Native and best-of-breed tools and applications, as well as reporting and sectional reports, are all embedded in the desktop, for easy access.
  • The ‘AI experience’ further boosts productivity.
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Rules-based, logic-driven workflow engine

  • The powerful rules-based workflow engine analyzes your metadata, and optimizes frequent tasks to speed up turnaround time.
  • Driven by logic instead of task status, your imaging chain moves smoothly from order generation to report distribution.
  • Native rules help make sure the right thing gets done at the right time, while escalation rules help prevent any task from being delayed or lost.
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Performance and availability, you can count on

  • The purpose-built and robust platform deploys seamlessly.
  • Built on AGFA HealthCare’s experience and leadership in interoperability, the platform provides context-based integration with single sign-on authentication, as well as seamless use of third-party applications on a single desktop.
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The freedom of mobility

  • Your care providers have the freedom to access and capture images wherever they are.
  • Remote reporting and shared workflows let your radiologists work from any location, including home, with the same user experience.
  • Referrer satisfaction is enhanced, with quick and secure access to patient images and reports.
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Driving clinical confidence

  • Real-time information exchange and collaboration foster clinical confidence and staff satisfaction.
  • Sharing and feedback help turn radiology into a learning environment, improving quality.
  • Business intelligence tools give you better insight and oversight into operations. You can keep workloads balanced, while making sure every task is efficiently completed.
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“The trust is now able to see more patients,
more quickly and provide a faster and a highly efficient diagnostic service
without compromising on quality.”

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15 Good Reasons to Transition to Enterprise Imaging

AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging for Radiology offers a platform to drive the delivery of high-value services and patient care quality through the radiology department and beyond.
For radiologists, this means an improved productivity, shared workflow across sites, better real-time collaboration, enhanced peer learning and a more visible role in the care continuum. On the system side, the consolidated platform lets IT/PACS administrators work efficiently while optimizing resources.

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Remote Reporting & Collaboration

Teleworking together, for the patient: The COVID crisis has ‘brought home’ the importance of extending diagnostic activities and collaboration beyond the hospital walls.
At home, on the ward or in the office: each member of the patient care team has the flexibility to remotely carry out tasks, create reports, make decisions and collaborate, to ensure the best patient care whatever the circumstance.
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