Enhancing productivity and supporting Clinicians, IT Specialists and Healthcare Managers to stay in their flow.

With new Enterprise Imaging functionalities and smarter workflows, distractions melt away, enabling Clinicians, IT Specialists and Healthcare Management to meet increasing demand with greater productivity, while releasing them to focus on their priorities.

  • Better clinical outcomes and enhanced patient care.
  • Satisfied, productive and focused clinicians.
  • Simplified imaging IT and converged medical image management.
  • Sustained business growth, with a scalability, opening new geographical and network opportunities.
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Enterprise Imaging innovations supporting Clinicians

Enhanced productivity for Radiologists and Clinicians
Enterprise Imaging takes care of the ‘busy work’ for clinicians, allowing them to focus on patient diagnosis and treatment.

Simplicity, configurability and reliability for IT Managers and System Administrators
Bring your image management into harmony, while reducing IT complexity.

Discover Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2 Innovations

Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

Shared Reading Workflow empowers radiologists to be more collaborative and consultative.

Balances their workloads by synchronizing their task lists, and optimizing their time management with intelligent distribution of diagnostic reporting tasks across the hospital network, across independent Enterprise Imaging clusters. Discover more.

Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

Enriches clinical activities by putting images and reports at the clinician’s fingertips in a way that matches their specific workflow needs.

Allows them to monitor the status of requested exams enabled with a fully web-based application. Clinicians have the right information to make decisions more quickly, and to meet timely patient-care requirements. Read more.

Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

Enables consistency and structured communication of reports between radiologists and clinicians to enhance patient-care decision making, with innovative structured reporting.

Radiologists can use pre-defined report templates based on ACR BI-RADS® and ACR PI-RADS®, as well as the new OB-GYN module for fetal reporting and data system. Learn more.

Enterprise Imaging innovations

Enhances diagnostic confidence with the easy creation and curation of reference exams for teaching and research.

Facilitates scientific research, clinical trials or collaboration with AI vendors. Discover more.

Enterprise Imaging innovations

Radiologists and clinicians have a more comprehensive view of the patient.

Connects images and videos from departments with non-standardized image and video sources, such as videos from surgery or dermatology photos, to the Enterprise Imaging ecosystem, enriching the patient’s imaging history. Read more.

Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

RUBEE®  for AI adapts the flow of augmented intelligence in the radiologists’ favor for triage, workflow orchestration, advanced visualization, smart hanging protocols and precision reporting, with seamlessly embedded, carefully selected and curated AI packages: Breast AI & Breast AI Analysis, CT Lung AI, Chest X-Ray AI Visualization, and Chest AI Analysis. Discover benefits.

Makes it easier for radiologists and their colleagues throughout the hospital to follow up on patient care for oncology and other pathologies.

With embedded PET, SPECT, CT and MR hybrid imaging and fusion tools, as well as easy access to all other imaging studies, clinicians have a fast and streamlined workflow in a unified reporting environment. Discover further

Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

Satisfied patients and external physicians mean greater loyalty and more referrals for your facility.

Referring physicians receive results more quickly after the exam, enabling treatment to get started faster and helping to avoid retakes. Patients become more involved in their own care with easy access to their medical imaging history. Read more.

Enterprise Imaging innovations

AGFA HealthCare’s modular approach to cloud enables hospitals and healthcare networks to increase their image storage and viewing, data security, scalability and accessibility, while controlling costs. Read more.

Learn how HeiligHart Lier, Belgium is getting ready for the future with Enterprise Imaging for radiology, XERO Viewer and VNA in a Public Cloud.  Discover more about benefits of hospital-wide Enterprise Imaging solution in the Public cloud. Read here.

Enterprise Imaging platform 8.2

Enterprise Imaging’s web technology facilitates a true ‘anywhere/anytime’ workflow, enabling cardiologists to do their work wherever and whenever they need to, via an internet connection.

Whether in the hospital or at home, they can produce, interpret, collaborate on, and make quality decisions around images, with the same depth of workflow, from any computer or mobile device. Discover:  Mobile structured cardiology reporting , Mobile structured ECG reporting

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Radiologists & Clinicians

Enterprise Imaging takes care of the ‘busy work’ from clinicians, allowing them to focus on patient diagnosis and treatment.

  • Confident decision making, through rules-based workflows, smart hanging protocols, enhanced mobility, and hassle-free clinical collaboration.
  • Greater focus and fewer distractions, with new features and functionalities carefully designed to make modern technologies feel like an extension of the clinicians’ thought process.
  • An enriched Imaging Health Record that delivers a single source of truth, thanks to a multidisciplinary platform with seamless EHR integration.
  • Enhanced clinical expertise and greater focus on the patient, with everything the clinicians need at their fingertips.

IT Managers & System Administrators

Simplicity, configurability and reliability for IT Managers and System Administrators. Bring your healthcare imaging IT into harmony while reducing IT complexity.

  • Focus on the business and clinical efficiency thanks to a single platform offering greater clinical convergence.
  • Configurability, platform performance and reliability, enhanced value of systems across your enterprise, and ‘security at the core’.
  • Greater peace of mind, from the proven implementation and clinical adoption, and proactive support from Agfa HealthCare.
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Enterprise Imaging for Radiology PACS Middle East/Africa

Enterprise Imaging for Radiology
PACS Middle East/Africa

Customer Stories

“Everything is simpler and faster, yet there are new functionalities for the evolving challenges we face. Enterprise Imaging answers our need for performance, flexibility, speed, ease of use and collaboration.”

Dr. Davide Ippolito
Head of the Emergency Radiology Unit,
San Gerardo Hospital, Italy

“We’ve been with AGFA HealthCare since 2005, so it has been a long journey together. We feel confident that AGFA HealthCare supports us in our ongoing ambition to deliver ‘all care for all patients and all images accessed anywhere’. AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging system is very configurable and adaptable”.

RJ Merck
Radiology IT Supervisor, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, USA

“We are very satisfied with our many years of collaboration with AGFA HealthCare. This experience made it logic for us to take the decision to enter into a new agreement with AGFA HealthCare. Together, we can ensure that patient care is further optimized, which is quite simply our most important objective.”

Floor Haak
Member of the Board of Directors of Northwest Clinics, The Netherlands

“The AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging platform has helped us achieve the institutional infrastructure for implementing AI as soon as the algorithms are validated and introduced”

Dr. Sridhar Redla
Consultant Radiologist and Associate Medical Director for Cancer,
Cardiology and Clinical Support Services, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, UK

“Not only is it saving time for patients and clinicians, it is also leading to better clinical decision-making and better patient outcomes.”

Dr. Daniel Fascia
Clinical Lead
Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative, UK

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