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XERO Portal: 

Easy access for patients  |  Convenience for referring physicians  |  Central control for IT administrators

Satisfied patients and external physicians mean greater loyalty and more referrals for your facility. With the XERO Portal, you can enhance your patients’ involvement in their own care and increase the value of consultations for patient and referring physician alike, by making it easy for them to access and share medical images.

With just a few clicks, images and reports are securely available anywhere, anytime, from any web-enabled device.

Communication and continuity are enhanced, patient care is more efficient, and your staff don’t lose valuable time burning CDs. Your hospital becomes the preferred healthcare partner for imaging quality, convenience and delivery of patient care.



Patient arrives to the hospital

Patient arrives to the hospital

HIS creates admission and orders
(HIS sends HL7 ADT message to portal)

Patient receives medical imaging

Patient receives medical imaging

and a report is created

Patient goes home and gets an email

Patient goes home and gets an email with credentials to access his/her images & reports via the portal

Referring physician gets an email with credentials to access the images & reports via the portal



Automated account creation

The first time your patients come to the hospital for imaging, an account is automatically created for them. The patient receives a notification by email with a link to the Portal. Alternatively you can print their log-in details while they are still at the hospital, to make the process even easier.

Highly secure

All modern authentication options are supported, including enabling a one-time password for login, automatic disabling of accounts in case of brute force attacks etc.

“Anywhere, anytime” image access and sharing

Doesn’t matter whether they are using a laptop, tablet or smartphone; your patients can access and download their images from any device at any time.

With XERO Portal, patients can also easily share their images with other physicians or relatives. It suffices to enter an email address and indicate how long the study can be shared. This triggers an email with a unique link, which together with a separately sent PIN code, can be used to temporarily log onto the Portal and access the permitted images.

Finally, the patient can also check who has accessed their images at what time.


View studies, download and share

Fast sign-up

It’s just as easy for referring physicians as for patients to sign up for the XERO Portal. As soon as the images or study they ordered is available, XERO Portal notifies them by email.

View studies, download and share

By default, referring physicians can view only those studies they ordered. They can download the images & reports to complete their own patient medical record, or share studies with other healthcare professionals, e.g. to ask a second opinion.




Thanks to the tight integration with Enterprise Imaging and your Hospital Information System (HIS), user management is reduced to a minimum. Patient merges from Enterprise Imaging are reflected in the Portal. Any updates in contact details known in EI or HIS are also automatically updated in the portal, unless the patient or physician manually changed his/her contact details.

No need to involve Agfa HealthCare for the most common configuration settings, as the XERO Portal allows your system administrators to manage:

  • Changing the email templates, e.g. for new user, recover password, study sharing…
  • Changing password policy to match the hospital’s security policies on validity, and complexity
  • Enabling 2-factor authentication
  • Updating the disclaimer statement
  • Manually creating users (in case you would not want automatic user creation)

Agfa HealthCare XERO Portal
Securely sharing your medical images outside the hospital

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