Transition to Enterprise Imaging for Radiology

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Access the future of healthcare

While healthcare organizations across the globe remain under pressure to deliver cost-effective and high-quality care, the COVID-19 challenge has exposed the vulnerabilities of our healthcare systems with their access and information silos.

As we transition to the new normal, the path towards Enterprise Imaging has never been more meaningful: A single comprehensive patient imaging record that optimizes resources and enhances care collaboration.

Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging for Radiology is your new unified platform to drive the delivery of high-value services and patient care quality.
Whether for a single department or a multi-facility network, you can make images easily accessible across the enterprise, while controlling system complexity, administration and costs.

10 reasons to transition to Enterprise Imaging for Radiology

  1. A rules-based workflow that balances workloads
  2. Collaboration for patient care
  3. Peer learning in an open environment
  4. Workflow oriented hanging protocols
  5. Clinical applications – one desktop

Better. Faster. More Efficient. 
At Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust (PAHT) in the United Kingdom, transitioning  to Enterprise Imaging for Radiology has transformed the delivery of patient care. Read their story here. 

Team Up: XERO Universal Viewer and Microsoft Teams Integration
Recently, as a response to COVID-19 and the need for intra-hospital and outer-hospital collaboration and image sharing Agfa HealthCare and Microsoft joined forces to connect their XERO Universal Viewer and Microsoft Teams platforms. Realizing the potential benefit of connecting both platforms, Agfa HealthCare, Microsoft and Princess Alexandra Hospital deployed a Share to Microsoft Teams integration. Over 450 users across the Trust are now able to quickly share urgent imaging results from XERO and collaborate with other healthcare professionals connected to Microsoft Teams.

More Enterprise Imaging for Radiology customer cases: access here


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