COVID-19 specific configurations

As a healthcare IT partner, we are deeply committed to support our clients during the COVID-19 crisis. Around the globe we are setting up COVID-19 specific configurations. By sharing the customer cases we encounter and the configurations we’re setting up, we hope to be of help.

1 – COVID-19 specific priority worklists
2 – Faster reporting with COVID-19 drop-down menus and text macros
3 – Remote and home reporting
4 – COVID-19 hanging protocols
5 – Supporting triage of high-risk patients
6 – Real-time collaboration across quarantine-lines
7 – Balance the load – Image sharing across hospital networks and regions
8 – Adding COVID-19 specific terminology to the speech recognition lexicon
9 – Business Intelligence: using data to better measure, understand, predict
10 – eLearning: 24/7 access to key knowledge

Partner configuration:
– MediReport COVID-19 Update Collaboration
– XERO Viewer & Microsoft Teams integration
– Dell Technologies, Barco, and Agfa HealthCare are teaming together

Customer Cases


How Enterprise Imaging is
transforming patient care.
Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust


Protecting patient privacy when using mobile devices for imaging.
Austin Health Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia


Upgrade from two IMPAX systems
to consolidated image management.
Ghent University Hospital


Productivity and flexibility to keep up with increased clinical imaging volume
San Gerardo Hospital, Monza, Italy

Change the way you think about image and data management

Your productive environment
powered by Enterprise Imaging. How does Enterprise Imaging give you a productive environment that supports you and your professional staff to deliver quality patient care efficiently?Features that make the difference
Enterprise Imaging brings together, in a single, converged platform, the features and tools you need to create a productive environment, including:

  • Advanced, Dynamic Hanging Protocols
  • A rules-based workflow engine
  • Real-time communication and multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Embedded reporting and sectional reports

Simpler, faster reading and reporting
The intelligent presentation of patient information and the predictable workflow mean you spend less time manipulating images when reading a study. Easy-to-use collaboration and sharing functions enable you to cope with today’s increasing workloads.

Diagnostic support for clinical colleagues
With the right patient information and advanced image processing tools, you have what you need to produce confident diagnostic services. You can provide your clinical colleagues with clearly structured reports and support them with confident diagnoses, which in turn support timely treatment.

Continuous improvement of care and processes
You have a powerful, customizable framework for managing your department’s tasks efficiently. And by leveraging the rules-based workflow engine to optimize tasks, you enable your processes to be continuously improving.

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Performance and availability
you can count on.Features that drive performance and availability
Enterprise Imaging brings together, in a single, converged platform, the features and tools you need to create a productive environment, including:

  • A purpose-built design for maximized uptime
  • Desktop integration for efficient workflow
  • Seamless deployment
  • Leader in interoperability

Unified platform to maximize availability of data
Enterprise Imaging brings together order management, PACS, integration services, reporting, clinical applications and clinical data from a single platform and database. It also supports a broad spectrum of workflows, improving the availability of clinical data.

Proven and validated solution
Enterprise Imaging’s reference architectures are designed so that set-up, deployment, integration and aggregation are efficient and simple, minimizing project risks. And as the solution has been proven and validated in healthcare enterprises around the world, you are confident you can rely on the system’s performance and high availability, as well as the lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Building on continuous innovation
As a leader in digital health IT, we have designed Enterprise Imaging to adapt to your strategy and evolving needs. You have the flexibility to integrate new, emerging imaging technologies that enable you to improve the services you and your team provide. This includes adding future third-party applications and APIs.

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The freedom of mobility
Enterprise ImagingFeatures that make sure no image is left behind

  • Universal access:
  • Mobile image capture
  • Remote reading and reporting

Reading and reporting tools, available where you want them
Remote reporting and shared workflows let your team work from any location – with the same applications and processes they use at the hospital. Radiologists can report remotely, with full access to the worklist and reporting tools. You can balance workloads across sites, networks and regions, and provide fast imaging services 24/7, even in busy times, cost-effectively. Your ‘in-hospital’ best practices become the way of working, anywhere.

Supporting referring physicians with fast access to images
With the universal, zero-footprint XERO Viewer, referring physicians inside or outside the facility have quick and secure access to patient images and reports within the electronic health record (EHR). The data can also be accessed on mobile devices, even when Wi-Fi quality is low.

Secure mobile image capture
Beyond accessing images, colleagues and caregivers outside the ‘traditional’ image-producing departments can add images, as well. The Enterprise Imaging mobile and web capture technology allows images from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to be uploaded and stored with context and metadata. Patients’ images are more secure in the EHR, rather than on an unsecured private mobile device, while the EHR itself is enriched with a greater variety and number of images.

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Driving clinical confidence
powered by Enterprise Imaging. Deliver fast access to your patients’ clinical imaging data, in context, across sites and domains. Inspire confidence along the care continuum.Features that generate confidence
Enterprise Imaging creates an imaging ecosystem that helps you to support clinical confidence, with features and tools including:

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Intelligent, confident reporting
  • Real time exchange of information and collaboration
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Quality control

Keeping your staff on target and satisfied
With the rules-based workflow engine, tasks automatically flow to you and your staff, so that staff are aware of their assigned tasks– in real time. You stay on top of tasks and can organize your time and effort in the most effective way.
At-a-glance dashboards of day-to-day operations keep all professionals aware of the status of events: scheduled, being worked on, or waiting for completion. You can confidently manage your department and staff: booking meetings, doing research,

Insight into your operations for better-informed decisions
Enterprise Imaging puts tools and data for productivity analysis, workflow analysis and quality control reports at your fingertips. With insight into your operations, you can make better-informed decisions, improve clinical productivity and operational quality, optimize resource allocation, and increase the satisfaction of patients and referring physicians.

Learning environment helps improve quality
Your department becomes a learning facility, in several ways. Sharing and feedback among peers, and quality control tools, facilitate continuous improvement for your processes. When incidents do occur, they can be traced, and the root causes determined and solved. Not only does this help your department deliver better care, but it supports you to meet the requirements for various quality assurance accreditations and certifications. Your department thus plays an important role in maximizing your hospital’s quality ranking.

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Discover 10 good reasons to transition to Enterprise Imaging today.

Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging for Radiology offers a platform to drive the delivery of high-value services and patient care quality through the radiology department and beyond.

Whether for a single department or a multi-facility network, you can make images easily accessible across the enterprise, while controlling system complexity, administration and costs.

Expert insights

Turning peer review workflows
into peer learning opportunities

How shared reading workflows can maximize resources, for better patient care

Enabling clinical efficiency and resource optimization with remote radiology reporting

How Enterprise Imaging’s rules-based workflow organizes, sorts, prioritizes and drives tasks and data, for an agile, productive department.

There’s no substitute for experience and expertise to ensure fast, quality data migration

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