Standardised Service Reporting

2020-08-07T11:20:21+02:00August 7th, 2020|UKI Updates|

Agfa HealthCare has introduced standardised service reporting for customers in the UK and Ireland. The standardised reporting also forms a consistent agenda and structure for quarterly service meetings with customers. The reports are also forwarded in advance of the meetings in preparation.

The reports include details and updates of any Change Control Notices (CCNs) and Additional Service Requests (ASRs) alongside detailed Service Level Reports. The information is captured through a combination of background monitor systems such as GRIP and the Agfa HealthCare Service Desk Portal.

Service Level Reports
Customers receive a summary of the following in relation to their Agfa HealthCare Imaging IT.

  • Service credit updates
  • System Performance statistics
  • Inbound case summaries – the details of what cases are made up of in order to learn, adjust and adapt
  • Change requests – closed loop feedback so customers have full visibility of change requests and their status
  • Issue management – status updates and timings
  • Capacity management – via Data Capacity Analysis (DCA) reports that are extracted from the Service Desk Portal, customers can see their data and capacity utilisation. This highlights areas that need to be reviewed, what action needs to be taken, and by when
  • Security patching – updates on regularly security patching including identifying risk areas in their server and network estate with advice on how to manage, address and plan. In the future this will be expanded to cover their full architecture
  • System up-time statistics
  • End of Service life – communication and planning around end of service life announcements that cover the customers architecture and estate

At the meetings there is also discussion around future projects and upgrades, any other business and a ‘Temperature Check’ designed to assist in improving the level of satisfaction that Agfa HealthCare’s Imaging IT customers experience from our products and services.

What are your thoughts?
How are the standardised reporting and meetings working for you? Based on your feedback Agfa HealthCare continues to evolve and improve our service delivery to meet your needs. If you would like more details on Standardised Service Reporting or provide feedback on how it is working for your organisation, please contact Lee Storey, Head of Customer Support and Services, Agfa HealthCare by emailing

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