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2020-11-20T15:53:14+01:00November 20th, 2020|Enterprise Imaging, Events & Exhibitions, Radiology|

COVID-19 has not only exposed the vulnerabilities in our healthcare system, its operations and infrastructure set up, but makes clear the need for radical change in how we deploy secure and modern platform ecosystems.

Agfa HealthCare Global Chief Medical Office, Dr. Anjum Ahmed shares his insights on why the path towards Enterprise Imaging has never been more meaningful and urgent.

By providing a patient-centered view across the enterprise and the possibilities it offers secure, multispecialty real-time communication and collaboration, the Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform supports health organizations around the globe to face the enormous efficiency and productivity challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing them to enter a new era of visual collaboration.

Everyone on the same page. Enter a new era of visual collaboration. Start here with the 5 main reasons for Enterprise Imaging by Dr. Anjum Ahmed:

  1. Patient-centered view cross enterprise
  2. Secure, multispecialty real-time communication and collaboration
  3. Faster reporting: remote, at home or on-premise
  4. Rules-based workflow, triage and task optimization
  5. Augmented intelligence: using data to better measure, predict and take action
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Interested in more? RSNA 2020

Together with colleague-experts in Enterprise Imaging, Dr. Anjum Ahmed is available and looking forward to meet you virtually on the digital platforms the all-virtual RSNA 2020 is offering.

To join one of the dedicated webinars or to schedule a one-on-one timeslot with Anjum or one of our experts, let us know your preferred timeslot here.

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