#RSNA20 – AI. Distinguish Hype from Reality. A Frost & Sullivan White Paper

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At the upcoming RSNA, AI will again be high on the agenda. But more than ever, the radiology community will be looking for ways to effectively realize benefits from the hundreds of algorithms and applications that exist in the market. From selecting which you need, and then integrating them into your system and workflows, the path to the benefits is far from obvious.

To help decision makers understand the potential of AI and how it might add value in the context of improving care quality and operational efficiency, we’re proud to share the latest White Paper developed in collaboration with Frost & Sullivan.

The potential of Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve quality of care indicates it will transform the medical imaging industry significantly.

NEW – Frost & Sullivan White Paper: A Practical Guide for the Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging 

This White Paper explores probable use cases and outlines things to consider when implementing Artificial Intelligence technology.

“The adoption of AI in piecemeal fashion will add a level of complexity which cannot be under-estimated.
I envisage it must actually be seamlessly integrated into the normal reporting workflow and facilitate the radiologist in completing their tasks.”

Dr. Nicholas Spencer,
Consultant Radiologist, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

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At the upcoming RSNA All Virtual we will be hosting a series of expert webinars on Augmented Intelligence with Anjum Ahmed, Global Chief Medical Officer.
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