#RSNA20 – Agfa HealthCare reveals RUBEE™ for AI, the intelligence behind Enterprise Imaging

NEW Product launch announcement

Evidence-based, specialty focused clinical packages offer smart tools and advanced visualizations, workflow automation and decision support.

  • RUBEE™ for AI lays the foundation and framework for analytically intelligent “clinical packages” embedded within Enterprise Imaging, helping improve radiology efficiency with enhanced decision support
  • Breast AI package provides powerful tools for cancer risk-based triage, along with natively embedded CAD AI visualizations and advanced 2D/3D mammography tools
  • CT Lung AI package improves visualization of nodules and comparisons, enables sorting and triage, and smart display of AI findings

Hospitals, imaging departments and radiologists are under tremendous pressure, with the ever-increasing demand for images to meet today’s health challenges. At RSNA 2020, Agfa HealthCare is launching RUBEE™ for AI which enables hospitals to embed best in class AI to their Enterprise Imaging ecosystem.

Evidence-based and workflow-centric clinical packages combine carefully curated AI applications that focus on the needs of each specialty. Visitors to RSNA can already discover the CT Lung, Breast and other AI packages.

Augmented Intelligence Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging

Supporting clinical workflows
RUBEE™ forms the core of the Enterprise Imaging platform. With the RUBEE™ for AI, specialty packages are seamlessly embedded into radiology workflows.

RUBEE™ helps visualize the metadata generated by the AI algorithms, and then uses that information to automate and optimize the clinical workflows, supporting radiologists to increase productivity and enhance informed decision making, while also maximizing the value of their own expertise.

Discover the innovation. Access RUBEE™ for AI

Reliable, interoperable AI algorithms
The market for healthcare-based AI algorithms has boomed, leaving hospitals faced with an increasing number of individual applications to choose from. RUBEE™ for AI takes away the time-consuming guesswork of choosing and implementing each algorithm, with specialty AI packages that address specific clinical needs. The AI applications have been carefully selected to verify they come from reliable solution providers, use the right datasets, follow industry standards, and are integrated seamlessly.

Hospitals may also decide to use RUBEE™ for AI to embed their own choice of AI applications, including for research and academic use leveraging the Enterprise Imaging academic teaching and peer learning workflows.

Breast AI package

The specialty package for breast imaging is powered by RUBEE™, and Transpara® which is the first FDA-cleared and CE-marked AI solution based on deep learning for both 2D and 3D mammography. Transpara® uses a deep learning algorithm to automatically score mammograms based on their risk of indicating cancer. CAD and AI based region analysis offer key decision support tools.

Combining Transpara® capabilities with RUBEE™ for AI, not only enables advanced visualizations, workflow automation and triage, but also enables an Enterprise Imaging strategy by reducing the IT complexity and improving interoperability. With automated task prioritization, smart display of findings, dedicated reading protocols and automated reporting, reading is faster, early detection is improved, and patient satisfaction is enhanced.

CT Lung AI package

The CT Lung AI package is powered by RUBEE™ and ClearRead™ CT. ClearRead™ CT is the first FDA-cleared system for concurrent reading, for all nodule types, with a demonstrated capability to improve efficiency (26% reduction in reading time1) and accuracy (29% reduction in missed actionable nodules1,2). ClearRead™ CT brings advanced tools that include vessel suppression, nodule detection and comparison.

RUBEE™ helps improve radiologist’s workflow with automated sorting and prioritization of studies, smart display of AI generated findings, dedicated reading protocols, and automated reporting. Automated comparison of prior and current images can help identify new lesions and measure changes for timely follow-up.

“With Enterprise Imaging, Agfa HealthCare has already taken a forward thinking approach, with a single, multi-specialty industry recognized imaging platform.

RUBEE™ for AI leverages this platform, and enables a care pathway focused curation of niche and specialty focused AI applications.

This approach is much more clinically valuable, analytically intelligent and productivity driven compared to a separate AI platform or marketplace.

And by providing radiologists with carefully curated AI decision support tools, embedded in their Enterprise Imaging solution, we support them to maximize the value of their own skills and expertise, and become consultative powerhouse of evidence-based intelligence,”

Comments by Dr. Anjum Ahmed, Chief Medical Officer, and Global Director of Innovation at Agfa HealthCare.

Discover the innovation. Access RUBEE™ for AI

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1.Riverain Technologies. ClearRead CT, FDA Reader Study Results, 2016
2. Actionable nodules are image locations in the CT series with suspicious nodular features, i.e., characteristics, for which radiologist(s) recommends further examination, typically through analysis of a prior exam and/or additional imaging such as follow up CT, diagnostic CT, PET-CT, etc.

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