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The all-virtual RSNA 2020 is coming up soon and it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest advancements in radiology efficiency.

Discover how with Agfa HealthCare’s unified Enterprise Imaging Platform your health organization and radiology department can enter a new era of  productivity, collaboration, learning and clinical confidence. 

Improving radiology clinical efficiency & confidence

With advanced work list functionality, smart hanging protocols that display relevant imaging comparisons, fully embedded reporting, image enabled electronic health record, and a host of advanced visualization applications, the Enterprise Imaging platform enables radiologists to quickly access the patient’s complete file, generate a report and distribute it, all during one session—even from home or another remote location.

Dr. Kal Clark, Vice Chair of Imaging Informatics, Texas University Health System, describes: “Enterprise Imaging gives you a lot more control over your lists, a lot more ability to modify and change acuity levels, flag studies, change the color of certain studies to signal levels of urgency, all of that. We’ve had about a 15% improvement in efficiency overall—and a 30% improvement among our power users—using Agfa HealthCare over our previous PACS. That’s just from being able to move through images and to have queued up work lists. We don’t have to hunt for comparison images, either.”

Read the full story on Texas University Health system here: internal consolidation for improved operational efficiencies and economies of scale.

Let’s meet at the all-virtual RSNA

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