Happy Spring! 4 new additions to the Agfa peregrine falcon family

2022-04-19T12:43:34+02:00April 19th, 2022|Uncategorised|

Happy Spring days here in Mortsel as we’re delighted to announce the arrival of 4 baby peregrine falcons!

Many of you know that every year in February, here in HQ in Mortsel, Belgium, we are looking forward to the return of our peregrine falcon couple, to their nest in the old factory chimney.

And yes, for the 16th year in a row, the couple came back to their nest and mom and dad took turns brooding the 4 eggs.

Last week, the 4 chicks have hatched. They are the cutest bundle of white fluff and we hope you join us in our baby joy.

Watch them grow, thanks to a webcam installed in their nest. Have a look.

There is also a video of the first breakfast for the 4 chicks. Enjoy!

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