AHUG 2022: Impressions of User Group Meetings

2022-10-04T12:00:37+02:00September 29th, 2022|Customer Case, Uncategorised|

Thank you for joining and engaging with Agfa HealthCare at AHUG2022!

Toronto, Ontario and San Antonio, Texas, came alive during AGFA’s two in-person User Groups conferences!

It was wonderful to connect with so many committed and knowledgeable users. During both sessions, customers were able to network with their colleagues, learn about AGFA’s Enterprise Imaging evolving roadmap, including highlights from our latest products and soon to be released enhancements, Augmented Intelligence from our Chief Medical Officer, Anjum Ahmed, and much more.

Clients and AGFA staff dived deep into topics such as how to optimize AGFA solutions for an improved customer experience, improving radiology turnaround time and accuracy, cardiology system workflows and maintenance, and many more.

Looking to learn tips & tricks to improve your use of the Enterprise Imaging Platform? Ask your Agfa HealthCare representative for access to our new Customer Support Portal today and sign-up for our monthly ACE Webinars.

Happy to share some impressions of the User Group Meetings.

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