More images. More insight. More collaboration. Case study: San Gerardo Hospital, Monza, Italy

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Transitioning to Enterprise Imaging has given the busy emergency radiology unit of San Gerardo Hospital, Italy, the productivity and flexibility to keep up with its increased image volume. 

The universally growing demand for diagnostic imaging is putting strain on radiology environments, including those in emergency departments. More images provide more diagnostic insight, but can also overwhelm an already busy care environment.

For San Gerardo Hospital, in Monza, Italy, the addition of new CT and MRI scanners over the past few years marked a turning point in the approach to image handling. “With this new equipment, we had a lot more images to look at. We needed an image management system offering both high performance and flexibility,” explains Dr. Davide Ippolito, head of the emergency radiology unit. “At the same time, we wanted a solution that would support us in our mission to provide other departments throughout the hospital with the maximum amount of information, as quickly as possible.”

With these requirements in mind, this long-term Agfa HealthCare customer made the decision in 2018 to move to Enterprise Imaging. “We were fine with our Agfa HealthCare legacy PACS, but Enterprise Imaging has added important new functions that help us to meet our challenges in terms of productivity collaboration, mobility and more,” says Dr. Ippolito.

Read how Enterprise Imaging fulfills and exceeds the needs in terms of productivity, collaboration and efficiency. Access the full case study here. 

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