KLAS DHIS 2020 Panel discussion on Enterprise Imaging and innovation with Luc Thijs, President Agfa HealthCare

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Yesterday, Agfa HealthCare President Luc Thijs was invited to join a executive leader panel discussion on Enterprise Imaging and innovation during the Virtual Digital Health Investment Symposium organized by KLAS.

Focus points of the virtual symposium: how lessons from COVID-19 will shape future provider investments, what technologies are top of mind for purchasing and how have vendors stepped up to help their customers during this unprecedented time.

Together with other strategic industry leaders in the Enterprise Imaging field, Luc discussed how these unprecedented pandemic times led to enormous efficiency and productivity challenges for our customers.

With our Enterprise Imaging Platform that is designed for modularity and flexible deployment, we have been fortunate to be able to support our customers with remote & real-time image exchange and collaboration, remote access and reporting, but also remote deployment and support.

Continuing this, we are focusing on accompanying our customers in implementing an enterprise-wide imaging strategy at their own pace and strategic needs, as well as on continuously expanding the capabilities of the Enterprise Imaging Platform.

Universal image access and integration in the EMR is crucial for our customers. The XERO Universal Viewer provides that and we are pushing ahead, adding advanced visualizations.

What about AI ? We believe that to really benefit from best-in-class AI applications, it is fundamental to seamlessly embed them into existing workflows. That is exactly what we are working on: A workflow tool kit that allows viewing of AI generated findings, and provides workflow triage and automation, embedded straight within the existing radiology workflows.

Make sure to check out the video on Florida-based AdventHealth, shared on the KLAS DHIS website. Luc Thijs and AJ Scarlato, Director Enterprise Imaging Systems AdventHealth, discuss the Enterprise Imaging vision of AdventHealth, one of the leading health systems in the United States: One Unified System. One Team. One Holistic View.

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