How to Bring Non-DICOM Imaging into Your Enterprise Imaging Strategy

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“Non-DICOM enterprise imaging has the power to improve or even save lives.”

Kim Garriott, chief innovation officer for global healthcare & life sciences with NetApp, has been around enterprise imaging practically since its inception. In a recent interview with HealthExec, Kim shares her insights on the power of bringing in non-DICOM images in an Enterprise Imaging(EI) mix.

It is becoming increasingly clear that non-DICOM enterprise imaging is crucial for supplying diagnostic context. Today we can strategize, at an excitingly granular level, not only how to bring non-DICOM images into the EI mix, but also why we should strive to do so whenever appropriate, secure and feasible.

In the interview, Kim shares five universal must-do’s that deserve high prioritization, and apply to all provider orgs at any stage of the non-DICOM EI journey:

  1. Make sure all key stakeholders have a seat at the table.
  2. Understand how medical photography affects clinical workflows in your overall EI program.
  3. Medical photographs are much easier for patients to understand than their DICOM counterparts. Bear this in mind and approach accordingly.
  4. Get clinical departments’ buy-in early on.
  5. Collaborate closely with partners who are heading where you want to go with EI.
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“EI is absolutely at an inflection point, EI is in the process of pivoting toward a comprehensive, all-imaging-in model.

I’ll go further. In a way, it’s the non-DICOM component that delivers most dramatically on EI’s founding promise: Offer a patient’s full imaging history to every permissioned clinician who might leverage the access to make a more accurate diagnosis or direct a more efficacious treatment plan.

Kim Garriott, chief innovation officer for global healthcare & life sciences with NetApp

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