Flipping the script on peer learning in radiology – Sharing expert insights #2

2020-09-08T12:43:49+02:00January 22nd, 2020|Enterprise Imaging Platform, Radiology|

Peer review is a very important tool for the radiology environment, but it has some serious drawbacks. Through peer reviewing, the radiology department can evaluate studies to measure the number of reading errors radiologists make. Certain regulations and certifications also require peer reviews in order for facilities to keep their license to practice.

But over time it has become apparent that simple ‘scoring’ of a study doesn’t provide actionable, constructive feedback to the radiologists. It isn’t the right review model for learning from mistakes.
To bridge this gap, Agfa HealthCare developed and embedded a true peer learning workflow in its Enterprise Imaging platform.

Agfa HealthCare’s experts on the topic, share their insights on how peer review workflows can be turned into peer learning opportunities. Read the interview with Danny Steels, Product Manager, and Kevin Hughes, Application Specialist

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