Creating harmony in healthcare – an interview with Charles Morris, Director Enterprise Imaging

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As healthcare technologies have advanced, healthcare IT interoperability and security have not always kept pace. The result is costly inefficiencies that prevent resource optimization, and ultimately impact the delivery of patient care. Instead of focusing on value-creation tasks, IT staff must spend time managing multiple systems and processes, and managing security across a broad range of potential threats. At the same time, despite a wealth of data being generated, clinical care providers still miss a complete overview of the patient.

Agfa HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging offers the next evolutionary step in medical imaging: a converged imaging platform, with a single database and an single methodology creates harmony across your health system.
While taming the complexity of the imaging ecosystem, it will improve security and interoperability while reducing total cost of ownership. Which will ultimately improve both physician and patient experience and satisfaction. 

Read the interview with Charles Morris, Director of Enterprise Imaging at Agfa HealthCare on how you can create harmony in your health system. Access the interview here.

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