COVID-19 specific configurations

As a healthcare IT partner, we are deeply committed to support our clients during the COVID-19 crisis. Around the globe we are setting up COVID-19 specific configurations. By sharing the customer cases we encounter and the configurations we’re setting up, we hope to be of help.

1 – COVID-19 specific priority worklists
2 – Faster reporting with COVID-19 drop-down menus and text macros
3 – Remote and home reporting
4 – COVID-19 hanging protocols
5 – Supporting triage of high-risk patients
6 – Real-time collaboration across quarantine-lines
7 – Balance the load – Image sharing across hospital networks and regions
8 – Adding COVID-19 specific terminology to the speech recognition lexicon
9 – Business Intelligence: using data to better measure, understand, predict
10 – eLearning: 24/7 access to key knowledge

Partner configuration:
– MediReport COVID-19 Update Collaboration
– XERO Viewer & Microsoft Teams integration
– Dell Technologies, Barco, and Agfa HealthCare are teaming together

Strong Strategic Involvement

” We had a vision and instead of Agfa telling us that we were crazy, they rolled up their sleeves and told us that it would be a lot of work. Agfa supported our goals.”

“ We have worked with Agfa on our strategy and road map. They have also helped us set up meetings with organizations that are further down the road of enterprise imaging. We have a clear idea of what to expect and what work needs te be done. That is very helpful.”

Selected commentary collected about Agfa HealthCare, KLAS® Enterprise Imaging 2019, © 2020 KLAS. Visit klasresearch.com for a complete view.

Driving Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Signify Research White Paper

5 Key areas to Lower the Total Cost of Ownership for Imaging IT

1 – Security and Upgrade Management
2 – Encounter-based imaging support
3 – Procurement
4 – Data governance and accessibility
5 – Data availability and migration

Learn how an Enterprise Imaging Strategy can help.

Five Strategic Drivers to Success
Creating the Visually Sustainable Health System

Emulate EHR Convergence and reduce complexity.

Build a relationship that anticipates changing IT demands.

Control access to data and guard fewer gates.

Provide easy image viewing to make people happy.

Put Agfa HealthCare on your team.

Insights by Agfa HealthCare experts

Guard Fewer Gates

Charles Morris,
Director of Enterprise Imaging

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Keys to Positive Implementation

Nancy Cunningham,
SVP Client Services

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Be Future Ready to Grow

Rebecca Wolfe
Regional VP – Southeast Sales

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Taming the complexity of the imaging ecosystem
improves interoperability and security,
while helping deliver more value for patients

Interview with:
Charles Morris | Director of Enterprise Imaging, Agfa HealthCare

One modular platform









Universal Viewer


Image Exchange




Business Intelligence

Extending Imaging IT Across a Busy City Hospital for Care Continuity

Extending IT Vision and Expertise
“Going All in”

Implementing One Patient Record
“Single Consolidated Platform”

Productivity plus Care Continuity
“One Patient Record, Including Images”

ED Imaging Supports Care Continuity
A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Enterprise Imaging & Value Based Care

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a patient’s EHR is clearly incomplete without the myriad of images produced on a daily basis.

And if repeating studies delays care, increases costs and decreases patient satisfaction—and possibly outcomes—then enterprise imaging, which provides a modular multidisciplinary workflow, may just be the interoperable image and information network needed to complete a successful value-based care strategy.

Connected images, the ‘new normal’

“Imagine hundreds of clinicians spending half an hour, every day, to look for their images, transport them and have them available in their viewer. Today, those clinicians immediately have access to images going back even 10 or 15 years, with our Enterprise Imaging solution. Think how much time and effort that saves! And already, it has become the ‘new normal’ for them.” 

Ernest van Beckhoven
VUmc, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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    Princess Alexandra Hospital 2nd in the UK for inpatient imaging reporting and 6th for A&E reporting
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    Agfa HealthCare solutions are helping healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations deliver better care.
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    With new strategic agreement, Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep (Netherlands) transitions to Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging.
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    Agfa HealthCare continues to enable augmented intelligence in its IT and Imaging solutions to further improve productivity and patient care.
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    At HIMSS19, Agfa HealthCare demonstrates Care You Can See™ with its trusted health IT ecosystem that includes industry leading EHR, Enterprise Imaging platform with embedded AI* and Integrated Care strategy, to help enable path towards precision health.
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    Amsterdam UMC – site Academic Medical Center (NL) transitions to Agfa HealthCare’s unified Enterprise Imaging platform.
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    At RSNA 2018, Agfa HealthCare highlights the role and performance of suppliers Barco, Innolux and Toshiba Electronics Europe.
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    Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center and Agfa HealthCare successfully complete First Phase of Enterprise Imaging Strategy to increase Information Access and enhance Quality Patient Care.
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    GenesisCare consolidates all of its cardiology imaging in Australia with Agfa HealthCare’s unified Enterprise Imaging platform.
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    At RSNA 2018, Agfa HealthCare demonstrates a unified and intuitive Radiology solution as the enabler of value-based care transformation.
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    Veterans Integrated Service Network 19 implements system-wide radiation dose monitoring, with Agfa HealthCare and PACSHealth.
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    Agfa HealthCare wins 2018 Award of Distinction from Waterloo MedTech, Ontario, Canada.
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    Agfa HealthCare embraces intelligence in its healthcare IT and imaging solutions to enable Care You Can See.
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    Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Advances Greenville Health System’s Exceptional IT Strategy.
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    KLAS Performance Report 2018 identifies Agfa HealthCare as a ‘strong and guiding partner’ for health systems rolling out enterprise imaging.
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    Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging successfully goes live at UK’s Princess Alexandra Hospital.
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    Agfa HealthCare’s Remote Reporting allows Alliance Medical Ireland to offer Radiologists a highly productive mix of home- and site- based reporting.
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    Installations of Enterprise Imaging Solution abundant across North America.
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    North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust goes live with new Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging contract for merged Peterborough City, Stamford and Hinchingbrooke Hospitals.
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    Aut Even Hospital, Ireland, moves to an integrated radiology department with Agfa HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging.
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    A gateway to cross-site excellence.
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    Agfa HealthCare acquires French e-health specialist Inovelan, reinforcing and consolidating its Integrated Care portfolio
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    @HIMSS18, Agfa HealthCare asserts Enterprise Imaging as a prerequisite to Value-Based Care.
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    Dutch Santiz hospital group adds Agfa HealthCare’s Dose Management Solution to support new European directives.
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    At HIMSS18, Agfa HealthCare demonstrates ‘Care You Can See’, with solutions that enable value-based care, for better patient experiences.
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    Nothing personal – Protecting patient privacy when using mobile devices for clinical imaging.
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    Adventist Health System leverages investment in Agfa HealthCare technology to improve care quality.
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    Agfa HealthCare’s new version of the Engage Suite for Integrated Care enhances patient-centric care coordination and collaboration, for better engagement.
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    Royal Derby Hospital (UK) goes live with the Agfa HealthCare ORBIS ICU-Manager for its Adult Critical Care Units.
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    At ECR 2018, Agfa HealthCare showcases solutions that enhance Collaboration, Clinical Decision Support and Patient Engagement.
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    Dubai Health Authority and Agfa HealthCare sign a Memorandum of Understanding for validation of the first radiology AI algorithm in UAE.
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    Agfa HealthCare awarded Enterprise Imaging IT Agreement with Premier Inc.
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    OLVG Amsterdam chooses Agfa HealthCare for a single-vendor, enterprise-wide image management solution.
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    Internationally recognised West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust chooses Agfa HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging for Radiology.
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    150 years of evidence: With imaging and IT portfolio, Agfa HealthCare demonstrates “Care You Can See ™” at Arab Health 2018.
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    Fully digitalized.
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    Radboud University Medical Center (NL) extends its Agfa HealthCare imaging management solution with the nuclear medicine suite.
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    #RSNA 2017 Agfa HealthCare recognizes critical contributions of suppliers with Supplier Excellence awards.
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    Agfa HealthCare and UMass Memorial announce successful commencement of Enterprise Imaging platform Go-Live.
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    At the 4th Digital Pathology Congress in London, Agfa HealthCare will demonstrate Next Gen Enterprise Imaging approach to Pathology.
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    At RSNA 2017, Agfa HealthCare Showcases how Augmented Intelligence will be an Integral Part of the Radiologists’ Journey towards Value-Based Care.
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    Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform Enters Southwestern Ontario Market.
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    WellStar Health System to Implement Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform.
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    Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex, UK, selects Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging platform.
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    New agreement between Agfa HealthCare and Mitch&Mates supports efforts to build out value based care and patient empowerment.
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    Enterprise Imaging crosses The Tipping Point around the globe.
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    Agfa HealthCare and STC Solutions enter into a long-term collaboration to deliver Cloud-hosted advanced Enterprise Imaging services to the Saudi Arabia healthcare market.
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    Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust selects Agfa HealthCare for Enterprise Imaging for Radiology.
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    Agfa HealthCare and Fédération des Hôpitaux Luxembourgeois sign contract for national VNA covering all hospitals in the country.
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    Agfa HealthCare celebrates 150 years of expertise and innovation at RSNA 2017, showcasing its contemporary solutions’ direct impact on productivity and costs.
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