At RSNA 2021, Agfa HealthCare showcases a suite of technology innovations helping improve Radiology productivity and value

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Mortsel, Belgium – 9 November 2021 – 14:00 CET

With new productivity features and functionalities, Agfa HealthCare demonstrates how the right tools can help radiology leadership derive increased value from medical imaging

  1. The new Precision Reporting module enables structured, systematic reporting that supports increased productivity and enhanced physician satisfaction.
  2. RUBEETM for AI seamlessly embeds augmented intelligence specialty packages in Enterprise Imaging.
  3. Usability improvements to Enterprise Imaging enrich the radiologist’s reading experience and help the system administrator to manage the system more proactively.
  4. Cloud-ready VNA archiving capability and XERO Universal Viewer enable outsourcing of infrastructure management and data protection and keep VNA scalability elastic.
  5. Business Intelligence analytics, powered by Looker, provide real-time insights for more efficient, departmental management.
  6. Web-enabled Enterprise Imaging lets cardiologists work anywhere, anytime, with all the functionalities of the desktop.

Agfa HealthCare is delighted to return in person to RSNA 2021. The company is also offering virtual lectures during the event. Displaying its new and expanded technology innovations, Agfa HealthCare will showcase how the right productivity tools can help redefine radiology, by enhancing productivity, increasing workflow efficiency, and boosting the value of medical imaging throughout the care continuum.

RSNA is a great opportunity for us to launch technology innovations, and this year we have a lot to show our Radiology clients. Based on customer feedback as well as market trends, we have created and will introduce our brand-new Precision Reporting module, web-based technologies for remote working, a cloud-ready VNA solution, as well as a new Business Intelligence analytics technology, powered by Looker. Plus, we have further enhanced the usability of Enterprise Imaging with features that heighten reading efficiency. We look forward to the opportunity to share these technology innovations with our customers in person, or remotely,” says Jim Mullen, Senior Vice President of Sales, Agfa HealthCare North America.

Precision Reporting

This innovative add-on to Enterprise Imaging is a web technology-based framework designed to increase the overall level op report quality. With structured, systematic reporting that guides the user through content, diagrams and graphs, annotations and more, to create high-quality, consistent reports. Radiologists can translate their imaging findings into clear, usable diagnostic information. Components that make it easy and fast to input data further increase understanding of interpretation and allow consistent communication from diagnostician to referrer. Precision Reporting includes pre-defined templates that follow the ACR Reporting and Data Systems (RADS) framework, but also enables the creation of custom templates.


Introduced last year, RUBEE for AI seamlessly embeds augmented intelligence specialty packages in Enterprise Imaging, amongst which Breast AI package, CT Lung AI Package and Chest X-Ray Visualization package. Healthcare providers get more from their AI investments, while supporting clinical workflow from start to finish.

This year, Agfa HealthCare is introducing the new Chest X-ray AI Analysis Package* . This specialty package will help detect 10 common chest X-ray findings with 97-99% accuracy, and generate analysis results that can indicate the presence and location of chest abnormalities.

Web technology for cardiology

This first web version of Enterprise Imaging is focused on providing increased mobility to the cardiologist, with other specialists including radiologists on the roadmap. It offers a lightweight, mobile cardiology desktop that supports “anywhere, anytime” diagnostic reporting and accelerated decision making. With web-based ECG viewing and structured reporting for remote reading, cardiologists can start, reassign, suspend and sign off of reports, “anywhere, anytime,” from any computer or tablet.

Enhanced usability features

The newest version of Enterprise Imaging delivers key improvements in usability and efficiency, based on customer feedback, for the radiologist and system administrator alike.

We invite radiologists visiting Chicago or in their offices to explore these new features with us: Radiologists can create personal lists of interesting studies, for research or publication; priorities can be changed in the workflow based on new incoming information; and the improved control of automatic series linking further streamlines navigation. System administration is more proactive, with easy management and configuration of patient IDs from multiple domains. A smart algorithm maps external procedures into the internal procedure catalog, to keep it clean and up to date.

Cloud-ready VNA and XERO Universal Viewer

Agfa HealthCare continues to help accelerate the path to cloud, to meet the needs of customers, with the launch of the cloud-ready Enterprise Imaging VNA and XERO viewer. Both can be deployed on the Microsoft Azure public cloud infrastructure, to support outsourced infrastructure management, enhanced data protection and security, and elastic scalability.

Business Intelligence analytics, powered by Looker

This new technology for Business Intelligence simplifies the creation of custom reports while offering pre-defined reports, to help improve the analysis and understanding of KPIs. Both live and historical data from Enterprise Imaging can be explored, while new data visualization using Looker technology supports efficient departmental management. And the analytics module offers a full view of not only imaging data, but also RIS and scheduling reports.

Additional Works in progress**

With additional works in progress, Agfa HealthCare is also highlighting web-enabled solutions for Radiology and other imaging domains, extending the cloud-enabled “anywhere/anytime” and organizational benefits. Shared workflows enhance regional network collaboration with the introduction of an intelligent task list sharing between hospitals. And with critical findings, the radiologist can flag results that clinicians can easily respond to with confirmation that the patient will receive the timely treatment or follow-up they need.

Discover how access to the Imaging Health Record will drive radiology productivity by visiting our booth #2541 at RSNA 2021 Chicago, IL, from November 28- December 2, or contact us for a special discussion at your convenience, or by attending some of our virtual lectures.

Join us at RSNA 2021

*The RUBEE® Chest X-ray AI Analysis Package is currently a work in progress, not released for sale by Agfa HealthCare in the U.S. and Canada and is subject to regulatory clearances.

**Works in progress are not available for sale

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