Agfa HealthCare further develops clinical workflows in Yorkshire

2022-06-23T15:40:13+02:00June 23rd, 2022|Customer Case|

Agfa HealthCare is delighted to update the Imaging IT community on our recent Enterprise Imaging (EI) development in the Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative and South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw regions.

EI users and the Agfa HealthCare technical teams are pleased to report that they have made significant improvements to the reporting clinicians’ workflow by enabling the display of ‘regional prior’ images within the reporting workflow of new studies.

With a single click, clinicians can now select a new ‘Regional Image Query’ icon on the Enterprise Imaging toolbar, which automatically launches a regional ‘prior studies query’ linked to the current patient being reported.  The reporting clinician is then able to compare all prior studies from throughout the region, irrespective of the Trust in which they were originally acquired.  With one further click, they can also download a regional prior study into their own local PACS system for further evaluation or addition to local or regional MDT meetings.  This level of interoperability allows current images to be compared with prior images from any connected trust in the Agfa HealthCare XEN network, for both Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative (YIC) and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB).

Aside from enabling a breakthrough in clinical workflow improvements, connected trusts also expect to see cost saving benefits compared to using third-party image transfer services, and also a reduction in repeated examinations, providing further cost saving and corresponding reduction in radiation dose exposure.

Agfa HealthCare celebrates another clinical success with its XERO Exchange Network (XEN) and looks forward to further building on the network in the two Yorkshire regions.

Printed on : 20/06/2024 01:47