A smooth move to Enterprise Imaging – Sharing expert insights #3

2020-09-08T12:43:31+02:00January 22nd, 2020|Enterprise Imaging Platform, Radiology|

‘Garbage in, garbage out’: it’s a truism about data we’ve heard for many years. But in the transition from legacy PACS and other systems to Enterprise Imaging, this tired old phrase takes on a new life. Medical data migration projects can already run into many millions of studies, and this number is only expected to rise. So fast, good-quality data migration is a critical step to the customer’s transformation.

Experts in the field, Hervé Wijns, Professional Services Manager, and David Van der Veken, Data Migration Team Lead, explain Agfa HealthCare’s robust experience and approach, and reveal the innovative new ‘DICOM First’ strategy. Read the interview here.

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