10 Steps to Strategically Build and Implement your Enterprise Imaging System

2019-07-22T12:32:51+02:00July 22nd, 2019|Enterprise Imaging Platform|

Enterprise imaging has been defined asa set of strategies, initiatives and workflows implemented across a healthcare enterprise to consistently and optimally capture,index, manage, store, distribute, view, exchange, and analyze all clinical imaging and multimedia content to enhance the electronic health record.

An Enterprise Imaging strategy is an organized plan devised to optimize the electronic health record (EHR) so that healthcare providers have intuitive and immediate access to all patient clinical images and their associated documentation, regardless of source.

A HIMSS-SIIM Collaborative White Paper, with Agfa HealthCare’s Lou Lannum as co-author,  provides insights in the importance of an Enterprise Imaging strategy and a 10 step plan to strategically build and implement such a strategy:

  1. Access to all the Images and Documentation for Better Decision-Making to Impact Patient Outcomes
  2. Demonstrate how EI Is a Powerful Strategy
  3. Understand the Specialties and Their Clinical Workflow Challenges as It Relates to Imaging
  4. Create a High-Reliability Healthcare Strategy to Improve Quality of Care and Patient Safety with EI
  5. Demonstrate how EI Can Reduce Costs
  6. ….


For the next 5 steps and to access the full SIIM-HIMSS White Paper: click here


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