Distinguishing Hype from Reality

Approximately 75% of all clinical decisions are based on medical imaging, and a large quantum of this imaging data is stored in a digital format. But for a long time, this digital data was left unutilized because of the lack of appropriate technologies to extract useful insights from this data.

The potential of Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve quality of care indicates that it will transform the medical imaging industry significantly.

This White Paper explores probable use cases and outlines things to consider when implementing Artificial Intelligence technology.
To help decision makers understand the potential of AI and how it might add value in the context of improving care quality and operational efficiency.

“The adoption of AI in piecemeal fashion will add a level of complexity which cannot be under-estimated. I envisage it must actually be seamlessly integrated into the normal reporting workflow and facilitate the radiologist in completing their tasks.”

Dr. Nicholas Spencer,

Consultant Radiologist, Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Download the White Paper here:

Potential applications of AI in medical imaging

Potential applications of AI in medical imaging

In this White Paper:

  • Background of AI in medical imaging
  • Future of medical imaging
  • Pre-COVID-19 major challenges in imaging industry
  • COVID-19 disruption of care delivery
  • Preparing for post COVID-19 changes in imaging
  • Potential applications of AI in medical imaging
  • Key success factors for the implementation of AI solutions in imaging
  • The Agfa HealthCare solution