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Augmented Intelligence – RUBEE™ for AI

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With RUBEE™ for AI, you can embed best-of-breed AI specialty packages into your clinical workflows.

Remote Working
& Collaboration

Access webinar (35 min)

Including web-based sharing of images and report in a regional context and Microsoft Teams integration

Peer Learning – a new approach to radiology education

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Flipping the script on peer review to create a true and continuous virtual learning experience.

Transition to Enterprise Imaging: Extending Radiology’s Reach

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Shift toward an enterprise-centric delivery model for Imaging IT solutions to create the patient’s longitudinal imaging record.

How E.I. Consolidation Advances Cardiology

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Explore the power of Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology offering the ability for quick access to otherwise inaccessible images.

How to build a Federated Imaging Network

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Learn how to create a real-time federated, multi-organizational imaging record that is centrally viewable on-demand, without the need of a traditional image exchange or VNA.

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Expert Team Collaboration

with the XERO Viewer & Microsoft Teams integration.

As a response to the need for increased intra-hospital and outer-hospital collaboration and image sharing Agfa HealthCare and Microsoft joined forces to connect their XERO Universal Viewer and Microsoft Teams platforms. Today the integrated solution allows the over 450 users across the Trust to quickly share urgent imaging results from XERO and collaborate with other healthcare professionals connected to Microsoft Teams.

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Embedded intelligence, supporting your clinical workflow like a gem.

With RUBEE™ for AI, you can embed best-of-breed AI specialty packages into your clinical workflows.

RUBEE™ helps visualize the metadata generated by AI algorithms, and uses that information to automate and optimize clinical workflows, supporting radiologists to increase productivity and enhance informed decision making, while shining a light on the value of their own expertise.

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Peer learning

the script

Innovation : Turning peer review workflows into peer learning opportunities.

Support a culture of teamwork and education with peer learning activities that are embedded in the existing workflows.

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