Nuc Med Cardio

Enterprise Imaging for Nuclear Cardiology offers a smooth workflow for enhanced clinical decision-making.

It meets the specific needs of nuclear cardiology and hybrid imaging for:

  1. Quantification, review and reporting of cardiac perfusion and function.
  2. An efficient workflow, with access to all specialized tools and functions from a single review environment.
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Optimizing the productivity and clinical value of nuclear cardiology

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology offers a consolidated workflow that enhances productivity, sharing of clinical data and delivery of care.

The configurable and userfriendly solution includes a comprehensive range of dedicated functions for nuclear quantification and image review, all on a single user interface.

Quantification of all Nuclear Cardiology

  • SPECT and PET
  • Coronary Flow Reserve
  • Bloodpool: SPECT and planar

Features that support high-performance nuclear cardiology

Specialized tools for nuclear cardiology and hybrid imaging

  • Powerful cardiovascular quantification and image review enabling physicians to assess a patient’s cardiac health
  • Nuclear cardiac quantification module
    • Based on rest vs. stress (perfusion package, contractility analysis (function)
    • Fits seamlessly into the nuclear imaging workflow, receiving data from PET and SPECT cameras and exporting to the Enterprise Imaging solution.

Web-based analytics across all modules

  • Aggregates data into a single information warehouse and provides managers with customized reports and live dashboards.
  • Helps optimize resources, identify trends and take actions.

A seamless workflow

  • The vendor-neutral Enterprise Imaging platform brings together patient data and images from different devices, systems and tools, and supports the bi-directional integration with the EHR and thirdparty cardiovascular information systems.
  • All cardiovascular information can be accessed, analyzed and managed from a single workspace.
  • Images, quantifications, and reports can be compared side-by-side and on multiple monitors for thorough study interpretation.
  • Access to all results in a single file enables easy sharing, transferring and archiving of data.
  • Relevant, well-structured reports with complete data are produced in less time. Information is standardized and presented in a clear, organized format, so findings and changes are easy to track.
  • Intelligent workflows support configurable save data and screen capture preferences and automatic workflow selection. Configurable user interfaces and multiple review screens further enhance efficiency and help save time.
  • Collaboration and share tools enable you to stay connected with your cardiovascular service line and with the referring community.

Clinical decision-making further supported with:

  • Comprehensive data importation from hemodynamic modalities
  • Quantification and review of cardiac molecular imaging studies alongside other cardiac imaging studies
  • A fully integrated coronary calcium analysis (calcium scoring quantification) for SPECT/CT, PET/CT
  • A viability screen that integrates the quantification of viable tissue in a single application for both PET and SPECT
  • A dyssynchrony analysis that assesses the phases of contraction for the left ventricle, regional and global contraction patterns
  • The availability of automated correction and reconstruction of SPECT datasets, with manual adjustment available.

Structured reporting

  • Speeds up the workflow to create high-quality detailed reports with real-time measurement data.
  • For all common nuclear cardiology studies: stress, myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI), and radionuclide angiography (RNA) …
  • Features interface to stress devices1 and wall-motion scoring with correlative text into the report.
  • Includes a set of Nuclear Cardiology specific analytics reports.
  • Workflow imports of a set of commonly reported measurements into the Nuclear report.
  • Enables IAC accreditation compliance.2
  • Adherence to official guidelines.2

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology

Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology offers you continuity with technology that enhances your performance and satisfaction.

Whether for a single department or a multi-facility healthcare organization. With Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology, every cardiology department has access to advanced imaging workflows, converged into a single workspace. Vendor neutral post-processing capabilities, data analysis tools and reporting workflows help drive operational performance.

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