#StrongerTogether – Remote and home reporting to support the continuity of radiology reading activities

2020-09-08T12:39:41+02:00April 2nd, 2020|Enterprise Imaging Platform, Radiology|

To deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, the continuity of the radiology reporting activities is crucial. To guarantee this, care providers are expanding the remote reporting capabilities for their radiology teams.

In Ireland one of our Clinical Application Specialists was approached by a Radiologist who was concerned about being able to work should the need to self-isolate arise.The hospital already had a VPN connection available as well as spare hardware, and within 20 minutes of assembling the spare clinical review workstation and a clinical monitor the radiologist was able to log in, use his own profile from the hospital and report in his own home, including full speech recognition, with images instantly available over a normal broadband connection.

We’re facilitating this set-up or expansion of remote reporting capabilities for customers all over the globe. Please reach out to your local Agfa HealthCare contact person for support in this.

(*) Please know that depending on your region and current installation, some use cases may not be applicable to you. Please check with your local Agfa HealthCare contact person.

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