#RSNA2019: Turn your radiology department into a continuous learning environment

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The peer learning workflow to  drive continuous collaborative improvement and learning. 

Peer reviews are a fundamental part of the radiology workflow. They allow you to collect and evaluate data on reading errors, and to meet your regulatory requirements. But peer review scoring doesn’t provide insight into ‘how and why’ an error was made. And it doesn’t encourage radiologists to share their own experiences and takeaways.

In the spotlight at the Agfa HealthCare booth at RSNA is the Enterprise Imaging’s peer learning workflow that allows you to turn peer feedback and expertise into actionable learning and improvement. Built in close collaboration with radiologists, and
embedded in the Enterprise Imaging platform, the flexible and customizable workflow matches what today’s radiology environments want and need to create a continuous improvement cycle.

  • Let’s look at a few examples of how peer learning can play a role in improving the delivery of care:
    Following a multi-disciplinary conference, unexpected outcomes or a missed pathology can be tracked.
  • Following risk management meetings, pathology results that don’t match expectations can be noted, and the conclusions re-assessed.
  • Complaints, serious incidents or medico-legal cases can be tracked and followed.
  • If a new physician joins the team, the workflow can be set to automatically trigger a second review of all reports he or she creates for the first few months.
  • Participants in a radiology education and learning (REAL) meeting can assess a study to determine any errors, enabling comparison and discussion, before the conclusions are revealed.

With a carefully designed system that primarily facilitates collaboration, Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging peer learning system can not only improve individual feedback, but also foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration for a group feedback.

Ready to turn your radiology department into a continuous learning environment ? Download the leaflet and start here.

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