#RSNA2019: Providing radiologists with deep patient insights – IBM Watson Patient Synopsis embedded in Enterprise Imaging

2019-12-03T12:31:26+01:00December 3rd, 2019|Enterprise Imaging Platform, General|

Reading imaging studies requires a physician’s undivided attention to identify the clues that will form the basis of a diagnosis. Patient context from the EHR is tremendously helpful to guide the radiologist’s clinical decisions. Yet EHRs are cumbersome and full of hard-to-search data in the form of clinical notes. And with just minutes to interpret each study, reading physicians do not have time to scroll through pages of unstructured EHR data in order to acquire a broader clinical context.

IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis is a radiologist-trained AI solution that extracts relevant patient information from the EHR and compiles it into a single-view summary in the PACS … in seconds.

Embedded in Enterprise Imaging
Agfa HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging Radiology solution has been built on a future proof platform and features a workflow engine that allows automation and optimization of certain tasks based on the output from AI applications.
IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis is now embedded into the Enterprise Imaging Radiology Desktop and and XERO Universal Viewer, providing clinical users with deep insights within their departmental workflow.

To learn more, meet up with one of our experts at RSNA 2019, Booth #4705 or download the leaflet.


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