KLAS Research highlights Agfa HealthCare as one of the most frequently considered vendors in the Middle East, offering strong support leading to loyal customer base

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We are proud to share that the recently published Middle East & Africa PACS 2022 report by KLAS Research highlights Agfa HealthCare as one of the most frequently considered vendors in the Middle East and Africa.

The Middle East has a high-performing PACS market, with overall customer satisfaction driven by vendors’ ability to deliver stable, user-friendly PACS solutions with tools and workflows radiologists appreciate. Respondents to KLAS Research say Agfa HealthCare, in collaboration with a reseller and through the support delivered, has cultivated customer loyalty by fulfilling promises and keeping costs reasonable.

Customer profile in the Middle East
Though Agfa HealthCare sells indirectly to customers in the Middle East, they are present in the region to support dealers with sales and services. Their Middle East customer base ranges from small-volume organizations processing <100,000 studies per year to very large–volume organizations, including the largest validated in this report with over two million studies per year.

Enterprise Imaging for Radiology provides high value
Agfa HealthCare’s professional relationships and business practices have contributed to customers’ perception that Enterprise Imaging for Radiology provides high value. Charges and fees rarely feel unreasonable or unexpected to customers, and they appreciate the improved support they have received as Agfa has grown in the Middle East.

A CTO reported,

“As a partner, Agfa has been very supportive of us. They are meeting our needs. They have been keeping their promises. I don’t have any big plans on changing anything on Agfa’s side.”

Supporting a loyal customer base
The high value delivered by the Enterprise Imaging for radiology platform combined with the support received results in a loyal customer base. In the Middle East Agfa HealthCare scores above market average on criteria such as “part of long term plans” and “would buy again”. See graph below.

KLAS Middle East

The full KLAS Research report can be consulted here (requires login)

  • To find out more on the value Agfa HealthCare and Enterprise Imaging for Radiology can bring to your organization, visit the Agfa HealthCare website.
  • To learn from the experiences of leading healthcare providers with Enterprise Imaging, access the Customer References section.

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