KLAS Enterprise Imaging Report 2021

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The KLAS Enterprise Imaging Report 2021 is now available, and provides a deep dive on the market landscape.

As their enterprise imaging (EI) strategies mature, many healthcare organizations are looking to consolidate their imaging portfolio to save money, simplify IT support, and achieve better and easier access to images and data. Choosing the right imaging partner (or partners) is critical to long-term EI success. The KLAS Enterprise Imaging Report 2021 provides insights in vendors, and focuses on VNA and UV solutions.

KLAS Enterprise Imaging Report

We’re happy to share a number of extracts from the report (1).

In the report, KLAS confirms Agfa HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging solutions are mostly found in large health systems, including some academic settings and community hospitals. Most deployments are facilities with >500 beds; one-third in facilities with >1,000 beds. Broad experience with organizations that have middling radiology imaging volumes (around 500K images/year), and several clients have among the largest volumes KLAS validated (exceeding several million studies/year).

Agfa HealthCare’s Scalability Attracts High-Volume Customers: Almost half of Agfa HealthCare’s EI customers have radiology imaging volumes of >1M studies/year, with the largest at about 6M. Agfa’s solutions are described as reliable and easy to use.

Agfa HealthCare, a well-known name in imaging, has established themselves as a strong option for enterprise imaging in recent years. Customers describe both the VNA and viewer as easy to use, reliable, and well integrated.


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(1) Selected commentary collected about Agfa HealthCare, KLAS® Enterprise Imaging 2021, © 2021 KLAS. Visit klasresearch.com for a complete view.

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