How to shape a blueprint for progress, with Business Intelligence

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Hospital data from a wide range of disciplines, departments and specialties strongly influences crucial decision-making and planning.

Agfa HealthCare’s Business Intelligence solution, for example, uses data to measure, understand and predict developments, and aims to present this information in an accessible and transparent way so that administrators need not even ask for in-house generated reports.

Recently, ‘s Mark Nicholls discussed Agfa’s Business Intelligence solution with product manager Tommy Vansteenkiste, and Willy Rosé, Marketing Manager Europe.

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Read the full article on how the solution aims to transforms data into actionable insights leading to more informed decision-making and improved operational efficiency. With easy access to all operational data and reports, it can help to detect productivity gaps, maximise modality utilisation, and optimise resource utilisation and performance.

The Business Intelligence system is a window on a hospital’s data, workflows, and performance.
Willy Rosé, Head of Marketing IT Europe, Agfa HealthCare

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For more on Agfa HealthCare’s Business Intelligence solution, visit the website here.

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