Enterprise Imaging rewards users with greater productivity and clinical confidence

2021-12-02T09:38:15+01:00December 2nd, 2021|Enterprise Imaging, Radiology|

Frost & Sullivan investigated what prompts providers to transition from a traditional PACS to an Enterprise Imaging platform.

Their insights and findings are combined in a new white paper.

Learn from your peers and discover insights on 

  1. The Imperative for Enterprise Imaging in a Single Platform
  2. The Benefits of a Rules-Based Workflow
  3. The Importance of Communication and Collaboration
  4. Real-world Results from the Move to Enterprise Imaging
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The white paper is based on interviews with key opinion leaders. Frost & Sullivan explored workflow inefficiencies, problems in storage, retrieval and visualization of siloed patient images, and best practices that emerged during the process of digitally aligning all image sources; and the benefits realized after implementation.

Radiologists are in an ideal position to take a leading role in the transformation. They are the experts in imaging technology and workflows, quality control, peer review and other areas of excellence and can share this expertise with the entire organization.

Virtual Lecture: Findings of the Frost & Sullivan Research Paper.

Access Virtual Lecture

Siddharta Saha, Vice President, HealthCare & Life Sciences, Frost & Sullivan, and Bob Craske, Director Enterprise Imaging for Radiology, Agfa HealthCare, present the main findings of the Frost & Sullivan Research.

To understand the drive to Enterprise Imaging from PACS and learn what drove leading providers from around the world to make this journey as well as the benefits they are realizing, access the virtual lecture. Access here (25 minutes)

The virtual lecture is available on demand. Watch and listen at your convenience.

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