Driving lower Total Cost of Ownership – Signify Research White Paper identifies 5 key areas

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The growing use of medical imaging in service lines outside of radiology has created complexities and many redundancies in imaging informatics. 

Healthcare provider IT systems today are growing, both in terms of complexity and scale. Most include a patchwork of hundreds of applications, connected with custom point-to-point application programming interfaces (APIs). This creates substantial redundancy of IT resources and personnel. Managing these complex networks is also highly challenging, especially in terms of network security and maintenance, opening the health provider to potential cyber threats. Healthcare provision today also demands greater information exchange between care providers, payers, public bodies and patients. Yet the flow of data and information is hindered by proprietary software applications or poorly structured data siloes.

In its most recent White Paper, Signify Research has identified 5 key areas to tackle these complexities and redundancies and drive an overall lower total cost of ownership : 

1 – Security and Upgrade Management
2 – Encounter-based imaging support
3 – Procurement
4 – Data governance and accessibility
5 – Data availability and migration 

In addition, the White Paper also explores how a robust Enterprise Imaging strategy can further reduce IT redundancies, offer operational improvements and potential care outcome improvements. 

Download the white paper here.

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