Discovering the Value of Enterprise Imaging for the Radiologist – Just in time to register for the #SIIMWebinar

2022-02-21T10:32:17+01:00September 4th, 2019|Enterprise Imaging Platform, General|

How does a Radiologist benefit from access to images from across the enterprise ?

During today’s #SIIMWebinar Jason Knox, Agfa HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging Solutions Manager, together with Cheryl A. Petersilge, MD, MBA and Founder & CEO of Vidagos Advisors, will begin by reviewing the concept and scope of Enterprise Imaging. Through use case examples, they will explore how these images generated outside of the radiology department add value to radiologic image interpretation, teaching responsibilities and continued professional growth.

Challenges with achieving the optimal benefits for the radiologist will be discussed. The value of patient, study and image metadata will be examined to understand its growing importance in the world of imaging informatics today and moving forward.

Do you care about Radiology productivity? What biases are preventing you from seeing the value of for ? Learn more from a radiologist.

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