Cut through the AI hype: an interview with Dr. Anjum Ahmed

An Enterprise Imaging (EI) strategy addresses and solves problems before AI is adopted

It’s time to cut through the hype surrounding artificial intelligence and begin to understand the reality in terms of application in radiology. With many different algorithms available that cover a growing array of diagnostic and interpretational areas, Dr Anjum Ahmed believes hospitals and care providers now need to ask the right questions when weighing up AI implementation in their clinical practice.

Not only is choosing the right application(s) imperative – and particularly asking key questions about what clinical programme they want to improve and the clinical challenges they want to address – but they must also focus on effectively embedding it into their workflows, instead of deploying AI on its own.

Read the full interview with Anjum Ahmed MBBS, MBA,  Chief Medical Officer and Global Director for Imaging IT Solutions at Agfa HealthCare.

From Enterprise Imaging to Augmented Intelligence

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Printed on : 20/06/2024 03:03