Consolidated Clinical Alignment of data to drive your health system’s excellence – Our Enterprise Imaging Manifesto

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To achieve healthcare’s complex objective of delivering outcome- and value-based care while reducing costs, we see new opportunities for efficiencies across multiple functions. At Agfa HealthCare we believe that transformational technology can advance workflow productivity of clinical providers, as well as the functions that support them, as under-utilized medical images – and the over-utilized resources that manage them – evolve into an integrated, strategic asset of the organization.

We are committed to support our clients’ sustainable delivery of quality care with Enterprise Imaging services that empower physicians to make timely, informed decisions through multi-specialty collaboration, utilizing secure access to a single comprehensive patient record, thereby advancing quality patient care and cost containment.

Our commitment to our clients is to ELEVATE their ability to deliver quality care by advancing systemness across the enterprise and driving out costly, risky inefficiencies of the past.

Five Strategic Drivers to Success. 

  1. Emulate EHR Convergence and achieve Consolidated Clinical Alignment.
  2. Build a relationship that anticipates changing IT demands
  3. Control access to data and guard fewer gates.
  4. Foster patient engagement and satisfaction.
  5. Put Agfa HealthCare on your team – Enterprise Imaging is no place for beginners.


Our Enterprise Imaging Manifesto. Access it here. 

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