Agfa HealthCare Sees Most Satisfied recent Go-Live Validations: KLAS Enterprise Imaging 2021 Performance Report

The recently published KLAS Research Enterprise Imaging 2021 Performance Report praises Agfa HealthCare for well-coordinated go-lives and excellent technology, resulting in a high overall performance score.

Enterprise Imaging Platform

Especially new Go-lives unanimously report a positive experience.
Smooth technology with good, fast adoption through organized implementations, good training, and excellent guidance.
Agfa HealthCare is also among the providers scoring best at providing strategic guidance in the form of governance, change management, and long-term vision, all acknowledged as being critical for the success of any EI implementation.

“We had good people on-site who were very detailed in the training,” stated a radiology director, “and we have had some web training since then. The product is so easy to use that most physicians who use it for referential training just pick it right up.”

Agfa is among the vendors most ready for future Enterprise Imaging adopters.
In the report following proof point of success are highlighted:

  • Able to scale and deliver for large customers;

  • Newly live customers report higher overall satisfaction;

  • Most customers say they receive strategic guidance;

  • EI customers describe a significantly better experience than customers on older platforms.

The report provides further expanded insights on 2 Agfa HealthCare Enterprise Imaging solutions:

  • The technology strength of Enterprise Imaging VNA is highlighted by larger customers describing the solution as truly scalable and vendor neutral.

 “Enterprise Imaging VNA works and has been trouble free. I guess that is what I like about it”.

 “Enterprise Imaging XERO Viewer is very easy to use for referring physicians, and the images just come right up. Since we have image viewing enabled on our EMR, we have deep adoption. Most people just click on the image, and it opens, and then the notes and reports, if applicable, come right up. Using the software is that easy.”

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Selected commentary collected about Agfa HealthCare from KLAS Enterprise Imaging 2021 Performance Report – March 2021 – © 2021 KLAS.

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