Agfa #BTheBestUCanB Global Challenge – employees walk around the world in 100 days!

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Over the course of 100 days from September to December 2019, 56 Agfa HealthCare employees, consisting of eight teams of seven, took 66,340,985 steps or 26,382 miles (42,457km). That’s over 1 lap of the world!

The Agfa #BTheBestUCanB Global Challenge was a virtual race around the world. Focused around the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge holistic health and well-being platform, Agfa HealthCare employees competed in teams. Wearable wristbands or employees’ own devices were used to track daily steps and activities. With a real-time leader board, teams could see how many steps they had done and the virtual locations they had reached. Competition, teamwork and motivation all played a part as the 7 teams battled it out over 100 days.

The platform also comprised of several modules that highlight key areas that lead to a healthy and active lifestyle – Tracking Physical Activity, Nutrition, Psychological Well-being, Sleep and Focus.

The objective was to improve the health, well-being, teamwork and communication amongst employees. With the Global Challenge, employees made small changes to their daily routine that added up to make a big difference. Getting healthy and active at work with colleagues – Everyone’s was in it to #BTheBestUCanB.

The result

The 56 Agfa HealthCare employees took 66,340,985 steps over the 100 days, an average of 11,921 per employee. That’s equivalent to burning off 5,573 large burgers or 16,487 glasses of red wine or 10,665 slices of cake. Other benefits included:

Commenting on the results, Paul Jackson, Head of Marketing, Europe North said ‘The results speak for themselves. There have been so many individual and team success stories. Our everyday lives can be hectic, and health and well-being can often take a back seat. The Global Challenge has helped focus, educate and encourage individuals and teams to meet/improve their health and well-being goals. Feedback has been fantastic, and I am very proud of what the programme has achieved. The virtual nature of the programme also aligns well the nature of our field-based workforce around the UK and Ireland. 90% of employees would participate in the Global Challenge again and 93% would recommend participating in the Global Challenge to friends, family and colleagues.

Our next challenge is to maintain the levels we have all achieved and doing the challenge again is something we are considering.”

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