Case 3 : Patient Engagement

Be prepared,
for enhanced patient care delivery


How do patients and referring physicians communicate with your hospital, before a patient visit?
Can they fill in questionnaires and forms in advance, conveniently?
Can you reach out to patients before they arrive at your facility?
Can they upload key data, such as monitoring data, heart rates, etc. remotely and conveniently?

Do your medical teams have access to the most recent patient data before the patient arrives?

Patients today need and want to be more involved with their care.

A patient portal can give patients access to their information and enhance communication and exchange between hospital, patient and GP
But is it both secure AND easy to use? Does it offer mobile functionality?

The Agfa HealthCare Engage Suite

The Portal offers you a new route to enhanced patient care, engagement and satisfaction.



When you put patients in control of their own healthcare, they become engaged. You can be more certain, for example, that they will correctly follow their treatment and can take on some basic care themselves. Greater involvement by the patient can translate into better outcomes, and the patient portal has a key part to play in enhancing this involvement.

Patients and their health teams need to be able to communicate with each other conveniently and quickly, while patients also want to be able to access and share their own data. And they expect the same mobile functionality they now use in all parts of their lives.

The hospital itself can benefit from this information exchange: by making it easier for patients to find information and even fill in forms and questionnaires before arriving at the facility; the reception and patient flow are faster and smoother.

Healthcare facilities require modern and secure ways to empower patients.

The Portal offers a clear path.


The Agfa HealthCare Engage Suite ffers a secure and HIPAA-compliant toolfor hospitals and patients. Both before and after the visit to your facility, patients can access data and provide information for a smoother, faster experience.

Communication is two-directional: patients can easily access their own data, and can also upload new information remotely – whether forms and questionnaires, or medical data such as heart rate and blood pressure. Mobile functionality lets patients access the Portal from anywhere, using a mobile device or smartphone.

Convenient access and exchange for patients:Agfa HealthCare Gateway:


The decision is taken to monitor the patient’s medical signs over time. But the patient has already planned a vacation during that time.

He can take his blood pressure and heart rate himself, but he needs to communicate them to the treating physician. For him, the easiest way would be to upload the results to his patient record using his smartphone.


At the same time, an elderly patient with limited mobility has been released from the hospital after being treated for pneumonia, and the treating physician wants to keep an eye on his vital signs.

The patient’s family regularly takes the required vitals – body temperature, blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate, as well as the times the patient has taken his medications. But they need a fast, secure way to record and communicate them to the physician from the patient’s bedside at home.

The hospital has decided to implement a patient portal that will allow patients to enjoy greater involvement in their care. But it must be secure, convenient and offer mobile functionality.


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