Case 1 : Image Exchange

Open the door to
image exchange, anywhere


How do you share images and reports with people inside and outside your network?
Can you share safely and easily?
Can you upload images and documents?
Do you have a state-of-the-art diagnostic image and report viewer?

Take a good, hard look at how you share images: is it really as good as you want it to be?

CDs and DVDs take too much time, get lost, are not ‘patient-friendly’ and make multidisciplinary consultations complicated.

Digital imaging exchange is easy and quick, prevents lost images, supports consultations with peers and other experts, and saves time for everyone.
But is it secure and reliable?

The Agfa HealthCare Engage Suite

It seems everyone in the patient’s care has a stake in quick, easy, anywhere/anytime access to images and reports. And you can make it happen.



Today, imaging has become essential to almost every corner of patient care, and that puts imaging professionals right in the middle of it all. To start with, you need easy and quick access to all of the patient’s prior images, reports and other health data, in order to state plan & interpret the image study and make the best decisions when reporting.

At the same time, images can’t do much if they are stuck in a ‘silo’: those studies need to be shared with other caregivers.

But your busy department doesn’t have a lot of time ‘to spare’ for distributing images and reports.

The patient, too, has a voice: today, people expect to access everything they want, whenever they want, on the device they want – including medical information like images.

They want to share those images, quickly and with no bottlenecks, without installing extra software.


With the Engage Suite, you, your patient and other caregivers have quick, easy and secure access to images, without downloading any additional software. Images and reports can be shared safely and instantaneously. And images, reports and other health documents can be uploaded, even from a CD.

The Gateway supports you in your imaging responsibilities: you can see the patient’s medical history, share images with a colleague for another opinion, and participate in multidisciplinary consultations. You can combine the Gateway with the (optional) XERO Viewer to get high quality images.

With the Gateway, you are opening the door to a new way of looking at image sharing.

Secure, reliable digital image exchange

Secure, reliable digital image exchange

The disks are easy to lose, burning images takes time and there can be problems reading data. Even when nothing goes wrong, importing, exporting and sending are labor-intensive. Additional medical data has to be added manually, which can allow errors to creep in. The hospital wants to find an alternative.

The hospital sees that digital image exchange can answer many of the issues. It saves time and prevents lost images. It’s ideal for multidisciplinary consultations and second opinions.

Easy and quick image sharing means fewer duplicate exams, saving costs and potentially reducing the patient’s overall radiation dose exposure.


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