Case 2 : Care Information Exchange

Get it all across!


How do you bring all of the patient’s data, from all of the facilities and departments, together into a single overview?
Can you aggregate data from all sources: EMR, PACS, RIS, LIS, etc.?
Does your solution integrate other applications, including web applications, into its  front-end, for a familiar look-and-feel?

Can your solution handle requests for data from multiple sources and sites?

Today’s hospital networks extend patient care across multiple sites. But different care providers need access to all of a patient’s data, from any facility or department: images, lab results, clinical notes…

Data aggregation can provide access to all the patient data in a single overview.
But does the data aggregation solution include input from all sites, all sources and all systems?

The Agfa HealthCare Engage Suite

The Portal reaches across your network to get the patient data, from images, to lab results to clinical notes, where it’s needed, when it’s needed



In today’s hospital networks, colleagues are often working at different sites, even if they share responsibility for a patient. And for patients, with certain tests and procedures performed at one facility and others at a different facility, information and results can be spread across sites.

This means that sharing and accessing data has to be easy and immediate, anywhere in the hospital network. And all of the data must be available in a single overview, to ensure that informed care decisions and treatment can be made.

But data might be stored in a broad range of systems: the EMR, PACS, RIS, LIS and more. And the possibilities keep increasing, as healthcare and hospital networks expand their reach.

A data aggregation system can bring your patient’s information together. But it has to be able to do it across sites and systems. And it has to be easy to use, for patients and caregivers alike.

The Agfa HealthCare Portal can help you get your patient data across, from any hospital in your network to any hospital in your network.


With the Engage Suite, your physicians and specialists in any of your hospitals have the patient’s data, together in a single overview, and regardless of its (HL7) source. The data is stored in the Portal database, which is designed based on a clinical domain model.

With its widget framework, 3rd party applications can be integrated into the front-end, so that the users have a familiar workflow and interface. So it’s quick and easy to learn and to use, for patients as well as caregivers.

Multidisciplinary consultations are efficient and effective, even when participants are in different sites. And patient and caregiver alike can easily access and share the information they need.

Agfa HealthCare Engage Suite : Data aggregation for multiple sites


The surgeon begins the diagnosis, and then presents the patient case at the weekly multidisciplinary consultation, which includes participants at several hospitals in the network. The team decides to have the surgery performed at a university hospital, with radiotherapy at another care center, followed by chemotherapy and follow-up at the original hospital. When the patient is discharged, the GP will also play a key role in the follow-up.

It’s a situation that involves multiple providers, allowing them to select the best specialist and the most appropriate site for each phase of the patient’s care. But it requires seamless consultation and aggregation of patient data.

Collaboration in cancer care, including multidisciplinary, tumor-specific teams, is increasing.But to act as a real, single team, all the participants needs to share and access information, and to be able to communicate easily and quickly.


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