Implementation Services

Implementation Services span the scope of new projects, technology build-outs or any initiative where Agfa experts bring value to patient care and outcomes.

Standards based integration are the basis for collaboration between people and their information systems.

Migration services provide confidence that valuable patient information is carried forward.

Expert project management, deployment and training services accelerate the implementation of the planned improvements to keep projects within budget and time constraints.

Unifying Disparate Information

  • Image enabling the EMR, including mobile applications
  • Create a universal viewing network of multi-vendor and multiple facility PACS
  • Patient ID linking through configuration of multiple patient domains
  • Seamless desktop integration of multi-vendor applications
  • Scripting and customization for one-of-a-kind projects
  • Multi-vendor & multiple facility EMR, LIS and other IS integration
  • Integration of messaging and notification services into the existing Hospital IT environment

Hassle-free movement of clinical information for use with new technology

  • Migration of legacy image data from clinical silos into the enterprise
  • Migration of legacy order information for improved pre-fetching and image display
  • Migration of VNA data for enterprise queries from the diagnostic display desktop
  • Migration of legacy voice files for efficient reporting

Expert services to accelerate the ROI

  • Workflow analysis
  • Deployment technical plans
  • HL7 integration workshops
  • Project plans and management
  • Go-live support
  • Turn-over to support documentation

“University Hospital Galway is a long-term customer of Agfa HealthCare. The timeframe for the project was very short: “we had to go live in six months!

The cooperation includes a managed services contract. With this contract, we have an onsite engineer and this works extremely well. They know our workflows. They are very familiar with our networks and the whole structure of all the applications that we have. That’s probably the key to the success of the project,”

Gina Naughton
RIS/PACS System Administrator
University Hospital Galway.

The previous DICOM archive, with 20 years of images, has also been migrated into the Enterprise Imaging platform: “about 4.5 million studies, representing almost half a billion images mainly from radiology, but also from other departments,”

One challenge that arose when migrating the exams was ensuring that all studies have the same names. Ernest notes that for some studies, up to 50 different names had been used over the past decades.

“We mapped all those different names to one generic study name and procedure code, that is also used in the EMR: instead of thousands of codes, we now have less than 1000 EMR codes. So, all relevant prior studies can be easily retrieved.”

Project leader Image Management
VUmc and AMC

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