Agfa’s number one goal is to make our customers successful. 

To that end our consultants focus on two areas which our experience has shown may predict success or failure of major healthcare IT projects.

Strategic Consulting provides assistance in overcoming challenges in governance of enterprise wide projects and in establishing shared goals and direction with the distributed departmental managers.

IT consulting is key to helping IT managers understand how image management and performance is unlike other data management in order to provide the highest physician satisfaction.

Enterprise Imaging Program Development

  • Development of the vision, strategy and score card
  • Identifying leaders and key stakeholders as members of the governance team
  • Defining and prioritizing imaging lines, departmental systems to be integrated or replaced
  • Creating a communication plan
  • Defining, measuring and tracking value metrics

Enterprise Imaging Business Analysis and Strategic Solution Design

  • Define metrics for business improvements
  • Assess total cost of ownership and return on investment
  • Assess infrastructure readiness
  • Create roadmap

Enterprise Imaging Program Management

  • Assistance in plan delivery, optimization and value realization
  • Mentoring the program governance team to avoid and overcome obstacles
  • Implementation of the communications strategy
  • Celebrating success

Working together for the best performance

  • Disaster recovery architecture design & runbook definition
  • Image performance consulting on VMware, storage tiering, networking & database management for existing infrastructure
  • Configuration of storage rules and Information Lifecycle Management

“To ensure a smooth implementation, Agfa HealthCare first uses its experience and knowledge to conduct a thorough audit of the hospital’s imaging environment, providing a report with findings and recommendations.

Once the facility decides to go ahead with the agreed implementation, Agfa HealthCare delivers the IT system, connects the relevant modalities, integrates them and begins production. So far, about nine audits have been completed, which have provided highly useful insights for the hospitals and imaging centers.”

Tania Messing.
Project Manager, SIMRAL,
Alsace region, France

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