Keep the imaging workflow moving 24/7

As imaging takes a central role in the diagnostic process and timely treatment, the need for efficient reading and reporting workflows across the healthcare enterprise places more pressure on hospitals and the radiologist.

Efficiency is also the driving factor for hospitals to join care networks. The shortage of qualified radiologists means that many sites do not have the luxury of an on-site radiologist available 24/7. This can be especially true for remote and smaller clinical facilities. And while specializations such as neuro-radiology and pediatric radiology offer powerful new support for patient care, these specialists must be able to offer their expertise to a broad audience of hospitals and clinics.

Shared Reading Workflow

With its rules-based, task-focused workflow, Enterprise Imaging drives the imaging chain from order generation through to report publication, to meet your remote reporting needs.
The workflow engine orchestrates tasks based on criteria such as patient age, type of patient (inpatient/outpatient), ordering facility/department, performing facility/department, reading task creation date, on-call radiologists, etc.
Enterprise Imaging unifies the task list for all the subscribed hospitals – both affiliated and non-affiliated.
Remote reading tasks are created, updated and assigned, and the image data automatically made available for the appropriate PACS. After  reading, the diagnostic report is automatically sent to the site of origin.
Exchange and collaboration tools in the Enterprise Imaging platform enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of multidisciplinary teams and tumor boards.
Colleagues in different locations can chat, share images and reports, and discuss the patient’s case easily, in real time: and all remotely.
Many networks and enterprises use service level agreements to ensure that they are getting the reading service support they need.
By monitoring and managing the reading tasks, you can stay informed of operations, while Business Intelligence tools, such as the dashboard showing report turnaround time, help you make sure you are meeting or receiving your service obligations.

With the Enterprise Imaging Shared Reading Workflow:

  • Radiologists can share a unified, centralized worklist, across affiliated and non-affiliated sites.
  • Radiologist can report remotely with access the worklist and reporting tools
  • Access to all relevant prior images and reports.
  • The reading and reporting workflow is more efficient and balanced.
  • Data and workloads can be shared across sites, networks and regions.
  • Hospitals can provide fast imaging services, even in busy times, regardless of resource constraints.

Remote or mobile?

Reading radiologists can benefit from Enterprise Imaging to access their worklists and report studies “anywhere/anytime”

  • The diagnostic desktop: this full-featured desktop enables remote reading and reporting, with workflow management, integrated reporting with speech recognition, sophisticated hanging protocols, advanced image processing capabilities, and much more.
  • The XERO viewer: the universal, web-based viewer adds mobile technology for collaboration, access to sign-off lists and reporting tasks, using any common browser.

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